Middle Stage (中間ステージ Chūkan Sutēji),[1] also known as Special Stage (特殊ステージ),[2] is a stage in the Mega Man franchise that is played in the middle of the game, usually after defeating half of the bosses in the Stage Select Screen or a set of four bosses. Middle Stages were introduced in Mega Man III.

Mega Man series

Mega Man 7

Main article: Robot Museum

The Museum Stage (博物館ステージ Hakubutsukan Sutēji) is a robot museum attacked by Dr. Wily. Its boss is Mash.

Mega Man 8

The Middle Stage is an area near the Wily Tower found by Mega Man when he followed the recently awakened Duo. This level has two Bolts, and, in the Sega Saturn version, Cut Man is a secret sub-boss here.

Mega Man III

After defeating four Robot Masters, Mega Man invades the Wily Castle and fights against a Giant Suzy. Appearing Blocks and Drop Platforms are found here.

Mega Man IV

Main article: Wily Station

After the defeat of four bosses, Mega Man follows Dr. Wily to his Wily Station and fights against Ballade.

Mega Man V

After defeating four Stardroids, Mega Man goes to an area where Terra sends Dark Moon to fight against him.

Mega Man X series

Mega Man X4

Main article: Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall Stage (メモリアルホールステージ) is a small area where X fights against Colonel. The stage is replaced by a cutscene when playing as Zero.

Mega Man X5

Main article: Hunter Base

The Hunter Base is where X or Zero fight against Dynamo.


Similar to Middle Stages, the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series feature one or more missions that are usually played between a set of four missions:

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