"Good luck, X! Energy charge! Setup complete. Ready to transform! Start the Installation!"
―Middy, Mega Man Xtreme

Middy (ミディ Midi) is a character from Mega Man Xtreme. This Reploid was one of the greatest computer geniuses in the world, and managed the Hunter Base's Mother Computer throughout the game to assist the Maverick Hunters solve the current crisis.

Middy's twin brother, Techno, was manipulated by Sigma, and attempted to hack into the Mother Computer by directly connecting his CPU to the computer used for the hacking. Sadly, when X destroyed Techno's terminal to stop him from hacking the Mother Computer, he also destroyed Techno's CPU, and because Techno and Middy shared the same CPU, Middy too was killed.

Other media

Archie Comics

Middy, alongside Techno, is revived by Sigma during Worlds Unite as part of his large Reploid army. It is impossible for Techno to survive without Middy, forcing Middy to join the group.


  • "Hi, I'm Middy!"
  • "It's nice to meet you, X!"
  • "X, so... Let me explain what we should do. In order to put the past data back, we need to fix a data in the "core" of the Mother Computer. This is the core of the Mother Computer. But the way to the core is "protected." Unless you clear the protection, you can't enter the core. The guardians of the protection is the boss data of the past."
  • "Good luck, X! Energy charge! Setup complete. Ready to transform! Start the Installation!"
  • "...You know what, X? I have something to tell you... ... No. Never mind. Good luck!"
  • "Brother!"
  • "Sob! My brother, Techno!"
  • "Techno! Oh, you're waking up..."
  • "Nooo! Don't say that! Techno! Please hold on!"
  • "You are a genius! You don't have a weak heart."
  • "Nooo! Please... Techno! Don't leave me! Techno!"
  • "Techno is my twin brother. We share the CPU. So if he dies, I also die..."
  • "X... Never give in to him! Be sure to defeat Sigma! ......"
  • "Uh... X... It... seems I'm done for... Thanks to you, Techno recovered his senses... Thank you, X..."
  • "Congratulations! You have cleared this game. Let me give you a tip as a reward for your efforts. "Hard Mode" is now available! New stages and bosses are waiting for you to challenge! You can start a game with the same equipment when you've cleared the game. So you'll be prepared even when strong enemies attack you! Make sure you remember to save your data now!! Good Luck!"