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The Miitan is an exploding doll-like Reaverbot that appears in Mega Man Legends 2. This Reaverbot is common in the Nino Ruins and the Saul Kada Ruins.

The Miitan usually floats still in the air, but upon discovering an intruder, it will float towards the intruder with its eyes shining red. The Miitan is similar to the Foo-roo and the Shekuten: they are similar to the Foo-roo since they often come in floating around in groups and will easily explode with the slightest bit of damage inflicted on them; they are similar to the Shekuten since they will follow the intruder for a short distance and self-destruct if near the intruder. Prior to self-destructing, the Miitan will emit an alarm-like sound. If the Miitan is destroyed by way of self-destruction, no Refractor shards or recovery Cubes will be dropped.

Whenever the Miitan explodes, it creates a large area of explosion that can hit further than when a normal Reaverbot explodes.

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Enemies similar to the Miitan.


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