The Mimic (ミミック Mimikku) is a Reaverbot from the Mega Man Legends series disguised as a treasure chest. The Mimic can be destroyed like a Reaverbot and Refractor shards can pop out of its wreckage. Similarly, the Trap Box (トラップボックス Torappu Bokkusu) is a treasure chest that will shoot a barrage of bombs out to whoever opens it. Trap Boxes can also be destroyed, dropping Refractor shards afterwards.

Mega Man Legends

In the original Mega Man Legends, a treasure box can be opened from its side or from behind to avoid getting hit by bombs should the treasure box turns out to be a Trap Box.

Mega Man Legends 2

Mega Man Legends 2 concept art

In Mega Man Legends 2, chests can only be opened from the front, but the Trap Box has a delay before releasing bombs. A variety exists only in the Saul Kada Ruins, where it first shoots out Refractor shards before shooting bombs. There are also the Mimics, Reaverbots disguised as chests that will get up and walk when an enemy gets close or opens the Mimic chest.

Similar enemies

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