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A minigame (also spelled mini-game or mini game) is a short video game often contained within another video game. A minigame is always smaller or more simplistic than the main game in which it is contained. They usually appear as an extra activity for entertainment, to train the characters, or to obtain specific items. Sometimes they also appear during the story, and must be completed to progress.

Mega Man Zero series

Mega Man Zero 2

There are three multiplayer mini games. They are not present in Mega Man Zero Collection.

MMZ2TimeAttack Time Attack
The players race through three small stages with spikes, Telly Bombs and Pantheon Hunters.
MMZ2EnemyBattle Enemy Battle
The players that destroy most enemies (Hoppiders and Molegules) win.
MMZ2GetItems Get Items
Z Panels fall from the top of the screen and Molegules appear to attack the players. The player that obtains more Z Panels win.

The winner gains 100 EC. If it is a draw, each player gains 20 EC.

Mega Man Zero 3

There are seven unlockable mini games, each featuring a character.

Character and minigame name In-game description Unlock condition
(メルネットたたき Merunetto Tataki)
Aim with +Control Pad and use B BUTTON to hit Mellnets with Recoil Rod. Different colored Mellnets are harder and require 2 shots or a charged shot. 3 misses = game over. Complete the game.
(じゅえるイロイロ Jueru Iro Iro)
"All Kinds of Jewels"
Guide 5 colored jewels to the right colored beaker. The jewels will take all possible turns. Use A BUTTON or B BUTTON to open or close paths. 3 misses = game over. Complete all missions with S rank.
Copy X
Using 3 elements, destroy panels on a belt conveyor. The L BUTTON and R BUTTON change elements, B BUTTON attacks. Thunder on Ice, Ice on Fire, Fire on Thunder. 3 misses = game over. Complete the game in Hard Mode.
(とりでキルキル Tori de Kiru Kiru)
"Birdie Chopchop"
Riding Aztec Falcon jump over obstacles and slash foes. A BUTTON to jump; B BUTTON to slash. Ends when you get hit 3 times, crash, or fall in a pit. Complete the game with S rank, using only the Z-Saber.
(どろぼうウツウツ Dorobou Utsu Utsu)
"Shoot Shoot the Thieves"
Stop Carryarms from taking the items. +Control Pad to move Fefnir; B BUTTON to fire Meteor Rain. Score bonus points when items Drop. Game ends when an item is taken. Complete all missions with a perfect score of 100.
(さかなツクツク Sakana Tsuku Tsuku)
"Pokie Pokie the Fishies"
Move Leviathan w/ +Control Pad; B BUTTON for spear. Earn score and time by hitting only Mechaniloids. Consecutive hits score bonus points. Game ends when time runs out. Complete all missions with a perfect score of 100.
(しゅりけんでニンニン Shuriken de Nin Nin)
"Stealthy Throwing Stars"
Jump from one shuriken to another. +Control Pad to move; A BUTTON to jump. Ends when hit 3 times, or you fall from a shuriken. Complete the game with S rank, using only the Buster Shot.

In the Japanese version, the mini games from the Four Guardians can also be unlocked by using the Battle Chips Meteor Red Sun or Blue Moon Ray in a Battle Chip Gate.[1]

Mega Man Zero 4

Mini GameGame descriptionUnlock requirement
Plant PanicMove with the +Control Pad and cut weeds with the B BUtton.

Cut early for more points. Grab Mechaniloid Dragonflies for bonus points within 60 secs.

Complete the game with the Cyber-elf at Level 0.
Busy BasketGrab rolling balls with the Zero Knuckle and put it in the goal. Move with the +Control Pad.
A Button=jump
B Button=catch/release
60 second time limit.
Complete the game in Hard Mode.
LumberjackMove with the +Control Pad. Cut falling logs with B Button. Cut in middle for more points. Bombs explode and take off time. 60 second time limit. Complete the game with Rank S in any mode except Easy.
Lava SurfMove with the +Control Pad. Extinguish flames with B Button.
A Button=jump. Drench flames early for more points. Keep cool or lose time. 60s time limit.
Complete the database.
Elf ChaseMove with the +Control Pad. Drive the Scrap Elf to the light with the lamp.
A Button=jump
B Button=shine lamp
60s time limit
Complete the game with all 51 Parts (including Junk and S-Crystal), but don't make any Chip, and rise the Cyber-elf to Level 7.
Slam HarvestMove with the +Control Pad. Smash switches and grab items. A Button=jump. B Button=hammer. Item size determines pts. Spikes drop time but can be broken. 60s time limit. Complete the game in 1 hour or less in any mode except Easy.
Energy LabMove with the +Control Pad. Remove joints by pressing the B Button.

A Button=jump. Press B Button again to move joint forward. Match to destroy. 90s time limit.

Beat the high-score of the other six Mini Games.

Mega Man ZX series

Mega Man ZX

Area C-2 has a building with four unlockable mini-games.

Dribble Trouble

Dribble Trouble is the first game available in the game room. It costs 20 EC to play. The time limit of the game is 90 seconds.

"Dribble the ball to the goal within the time limit"

Crusher F

Crusher F is the second game available in the game room. It costs 40 EC to play.

"Punch the ball to bounce the ball at the enemy to defeat them."

Mega Crusher F

Mega Crusher F is the third game available in the game room. It costs 50 EC to play. To unlock this game, the player must beat the highscore of Crusher F.

"Punch the ball to bounce the ball at the enemy to defeat them. This version of Crusher F is more difficult than the other one."

Energy Converter

Energy Converter is the fourth game available in the game room. It costs 80 EC to play.

"Combine jewels of the same color to help destroy enemies. The blocks won't vanish if a black block is in-between them. Combine black blocks to erase them. Combine jewels and blocks while they're falling. A new enemy appears every time an old one's energy runs out."

Mega Man ZX Advent

There are four mini games that can be accessed from the title screen. Also, the Quests "Enemy Buster #1" and "Highway Race" are mini games.

Gem Buster

Gem Buster, known as Energy Converter A (エナジーコンバーターA Enajī Konbātā A) in Japan, is a mini game unlocked by talking with Julian in Hunter's Camp.

"Sandwich jewels between 2 jewels of the same color to erase them. Combine black blocks with other black blocks. Combinations are possible with falling blocks only. *For ad-hoc network play only."

Survival Road

Survival Road is a boss rush.

"Fight every boss in the game one after another. One player. Health and BM Gauge are returned to their default settings. Use of items is prohibited. Health can be restored by the use of 2 sub tanks only."

Quiz Advent

Quiz Advent is a quiz mini game unlocked by completing the game.

"Answer a series of questions given by characters in the game by touching the bottom screen. There are 3 types of Quizzes: the Zoom Quiz, the Silhouette Quiz, and the Gap Quiz."

Mega Man a

Mega Man a is unlocked by completing the game.

"Play this mini game with Mega Man a (ancient). The player can only use the Buster Shot. Sliding can be performed with the Dash Button."

Mega Man Legends series

Mega Man Legends

The KTOX TV studio has three mini games, two of them being part of a hit show called "Dangerous Games".

  • Beast Hunter
  • Balloon Fantasy
  • Race Game

Mega Man Legends 2

Mad Mossa

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

The Gym and Torture Room from the Gesellschaft contain mini games to improve the Servbots.

Mega Man Battle Network series

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS

Some NetNavis challenge MegaMan.EXE to a memory game.

Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation

There are minigames for NumberMan, IceMan, MetalMan, WindMan, SearchMan and NapalmMan.


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