Minna to Akashic Heroes.

Minna to Akashic Heroes (みんなとアカシックヒーローズ Minna to Akashikku Hīrōzu) is a social card battle game released by Capcom only in Japan in July 3, 2012. This free-to-play, pay-per-item Flash game is available for smartphones (iOS and Android) and feature phones (DoCoMo, au and SoftBank). The game service ended on January 26, 2015.


The "Book of Fate" (運命の書 alternatively "Book of Destiny"), which conceals a great power, is asleep in the historical world Historica. Every hero that appeared in stories, mythologies and folklores is recorded in this book that has been sealed.

However, some of the heroes that have been repeatedly deified became "Hero Gods" (英雄神), and the seal of the "Book of Fate" broke and scattered around the world. In addition, with the seal broken, the "Book of Fate" is also able to revive other heroes. Many people could use this power, and they began to recall the legendary heroes in this world again. And now the player too is standing in front of the "Book of Fate"...


The game contains cards of over 200 "Hero" characters from different locations and periods, including Ankhesenamun, Cleopatra, Colombus, d'Artagnian, Date Masamune, Jeanne d'Ark, King Arthur, Lü Bu, Miyamoto Musashi, Oda Nobunaga, Odysseus, Robin Hood, Shiva, Venus and Zhuge Liang (Kongming).

The player's deck is formed with three Heroes, one being the leader and other two assistants. They go in missions and battle against other Heroes and Hero Gods. The character cards have one of three attributes: "Warrior" (武. Alternatively "Armed", "Force", ... Character example: Huang Zhong), "Intellect" (知. Alt. "Wisdom", "Wit", ... Hosokawa Gracia) or "Charm" (魅. Alt. "Appeal", "Attractive", ... Yu the Beautiful), and they can be in the side of Light or Darkness. Many cards have special skills. Like RPG games, in the end of the battle the player's Heroes gain experience and may level up, increasing their attack and defense.

Mega Man event

Capcom characters also appear in the game during limited promotional events, where players can obtain rare cards of them. From July 24 to July 31, 2012, the event "Dr. Wily Invasion" (Dr.ワイリー襲来) was held in the game. Players could challenge the Hero Gods Proto Man, Bass and Wily Machine in this period to obtain cards of them.[1] Players could also obtain cards of Mega Man and Roll in this event.[2]


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