The Miroc (マイロク Mairoku) is a small and weak, quail-like Reaverbot from the Mega Man Legends series that attacks by flipping itself into MegaMan. They usually hold only one medium to large Refractor shard that is worth a fair amount of Zenny (equivalent to 500 or 1000 Zenny). Miroc has the Reaverbot's characteristic red eye hidden under its body.

In Mega Man Legends 2, three are found in the Guild Ruins at Nino Island and two are encountered skating in one corridor on Calinca Ruins. While now requiring multiple hits to destroy, they also drop more zenny. But if cornered, it might escape under a cloud of smoke.

King Miroc

King Miroc

King Miroc (キングマイロク Kingu Mairoku) is a rare giant golden Miroc from Mega Man Legends 2 that holds a large amount of Refractors. It can be found in the Pokte and Kito caverns (it mysteriously re-appears when Mega Man reenters the room in the Pokte Caverns, possibly a glitch, but useful to farm zenny). In the Kito caverns, there is a Skaritt in the same room as the King Miroc, which will try to take the Refractors after his destruction, so destroy the Skaritt or, if not possible, hold it with the Lifter and throw it to the King Miroc, or use the Vacuum Arm before the Skaritt can collect the Refractor shards.


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