Mirror Buster (ミラーバスター Mirā Basutā) is Enker's Special Weapon that first appears in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge. When used by Mega Man, an energy shield is created in front of him while the attack button is held down. The shield itself does not cause damage, but it can absorb an enemy's shots and reflect it back at the one who shot it in the same direction. This is the only weapon that can hit the Wily Machine's final form in Dr. Wily's Revenge. It can also pierce Sniper Joe's shield, causing damage.

The Mirror Buster can also be obtained in Mega Man 10, Mega Man being the only playable character able to use it. The size of the Mirror Buster's projectile has increased, but the reflected attack only moves straight forward regardless of the direction the attack came from. This weapon is very effective against Strike Man, Flame Man's data in the Weapons Archive, and Punk.

When Mirror Buster is used by Enker, he raises his spear to pull any kind of attack to it, denying their damage but not reflecting them. His spear also pulls Carry, Rush and Tango. Afterwards, regardless if he is attacked or not, Enker points his spear forward and releases a projectile (the same as Mega Man's Mirror Buster). The exception is the Mega Buster, which will still damage Enker while absorbing the bullets, but will also increase the power, speed and range of his projectile depending of how many bullets are absorbed. The amount required varies between games.

Damage data charts

Damage values in units in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.

Mirror Buster Icon MMI.png Mirror Buster
Boss Damage
Cut Man --
Elec Man --
Ice Man --
Fire Man --
Flash Man --
Quick Man --
Bubble Man --
Heat Man --
Enker --
Wily Machine (Form 1) --
Wily Machine (Form 2) 2

Damage values in units in Mega Man 10.

MM10-MirrorBuster-Icon.png Mirror Buster
Boss Damage
Blade Man 1
Pump Man 2*
Commando Man --
Chill Man 1
Sheep Man 1
Strike Man 2
Nitro Man 1
Solar Man --
Weapons Archive (Elec Man) --
Weapons Archive (Wood Man) --
Weapons Archive (Gemini Man) --
Weapons Archive (Ring Man) --
Weapons Archive (Napalm Man) --
Weapons Archive (Flame Man) 4
Weapons Archive (Slash Man) --
Weapons Archive (Frost Man) --
Weapons Archive (Tornado Man) --
Crab Puncher 1
Block Devil 1
Wily Machine No. 10: 1st Phase 1
Wily Machine No. 10: 2nd Phase --
Wily Capsule 0
Enker 1
Punk 3
Ballade --
  • For Mirror Buster, Pump Man can only take damage from this weapon on Hard Mode as it is the only mode of difficulty where he will throw his pump handle.


Activating the Mirror Buster does not cost any weapon energy, unless a shot is actually reflected off the "Barrier", using 1 weapon energy unit for each reflected projectile. With a full weapon energy gauge, it can reflect 19 shots in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge and 28 shots in Mega Man 10.


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