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Miscellaneous Mega Man merchandise.


Comic BomBom had a few Rockman calendars illustrated by Shigeto Ikehara. In its 13th anniversary a 1995 holograph calendar was available.

Capcom and Hagoromo published a Rockman 10th Anniversary (ロックマン10thアニバーサリー) calendar in 1998, a Capcom All Stars (カプコンオールスターズ) calendars in 1999, and a Rockman.EXE calendar in 2004 and 2005.

The Capcom Girls Calendar 2012 (カプコンガールズカレンダー2012) and Capcom Heroes Calendar 2012 (カプコンヒーローズカレンダー2012) are two calendars containing artwork of several Capcom characters, including the Mega Man series.[1] A Capcom Girls Calendar was also released in 2011.


Wall Decals

Megaman1 product 2

Wall decals.

Movable and reusable wall decals of characters, items, and graphics from the original Mega Man game.[2]



Rockman Dorayaki

Rockman Dorayaki

Rockman Dorayaki (ロックマンどら焼き) is a pack with Dorayakis that were sold in Capcom's booth at Tokyo Game Show '99.[3]

Rockman Sakuma Drops


Rockman Sakuma Drops

Rockman Sakuma Drops (ロックマンサクマドロップス Rokkuman Sakuma Doroppusu) is a Rockman branded can of Sakuma drops released in 2010. It comes in eight flavors.[4]




Rockmanjū (ロックまんじゅう) is a Rockman branded pack of manjū that comes in two box varieties, one themed on the first game and other themed on Mega Man 10.[5]

Rockman.EXE Milk Chocolate


Rockman.EXE Milk Chocolate

Rockman.EXE Milk Chocolate (ロックマンエグゼミルクチョコレート Rokkuman Eguze Miruku Chokorēto) is one of the prizes that can be obtained from the arcade game Rockman.EXE: The Medal Operation. There are six different packages with Lan Hikari, MegaMan.EXE, MegaMan with two Beast Outs, ProtoMan.EXE, and Colonel.EXE.[6]

Pudding and Kobun


Pudding and Kobun

Pudding and Kobun (プリンにコブン Purin ni Kobun) is a Servbot branded pack of puddings given in Capcom's booth at Tokyo Game Show 2000.[7]

Servbot mugs


Kobun mugcups


Dead Rising mugs

Late in the 1990s, Capcom and K's made plastic mugcups shaped like Servbots that were given as prize in Japanese game centers. There are five varieties of this mugs.

In 2009, 500 yellow Dead Rising coffee mugs signed by Keiji Inafune where distributed in Korea. The mugs have Servbot faces and a Mega Man drawing.[8]


Jigsaw Puzzles


Rockman 10th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle artwork.

Rockman 10th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle

Rockman 10th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle (ロックマン10周年記念ジグソーパズル) is a commemorative jigsaw puzzle released in 1997 by Central Hobby in two varieties, a 300 pieces puzzle for ¥2000 and a 500 piece puzzle for ¥3000. The puzzle image contains several characters from the classic series.[9]

Capcom Classic Title Jigsaw Puzzle

Capcom Classic Title Jigsaw Puzzle (カプコンクラシックタイトル ジグソーパズル) is a set of jigsaw puzzles published by ensky in 2013 containing images of Capcom game covers. A 150 pieces puzzle of the first Rockman game is part of the series.


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Rockman 29th Anniversary × Kin29man

Six T-shirts featuring Mega Man and Kinnikuman characters were released in June 2017 as a "29" (pronounced "niku" in Japanese) collaboration.

e-Capcom limited Rockman T-shirts

Official Mega Man T-shirts released on March 26, 2019 (pre-orders started on February 15) in e-Capcom, Capcom's online store. The T-shirts contain famous Mega Man lines and were available in four sizes. They had a limited stock, being sold out in few days after they release in May.



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Keychains, phone straps, and other Mega Man holders.

Rock Buster Light Keychain


Rock Buster Light Keychain

Rock Buster Light Keychain (ロックバスターライトキーチェーン) is a line of keychains of the Mega Buster with different colors. Each Buster is 50 mm and has a light that shows a sprite of Mega Man.[11] The keychains also included a code to obtain a rare Battle Memory in Rockman Xover.[12]


  • To celebrate the 40th anniversary of CoroCoro Comic in 2017, Sanrio manufactured products based on several of CoroCoro's most popular manga series, including the Rockman.EXE manga.[14]


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