Missile Cone, known as Mizzile Cone (ミザイルコーン Mizairukōn) in Japan, is an enemy robot in Mega Man 11.[1] Missile Cones are small robots who are designed to keep intruders away from restricted areas, though they also act as safety inspectors in construction sites. As implied by their name, Missile Cones are modeled after traffic cones and are able to launch homing missiles at Mega Man. However, they can't move and are relatively weak enemies, and their missiles can be destroyed. Missile Cones appear in Impact Man's stage and the first Gear Fortress stage.

Missile Cones are also seen during the fight with Pickman Digger, the sub-boss from Impact Man's stage. When Pickman Digger hits a wall, one Missile Cone will fall onto the cabin of Pickman Digger to assist by launching missiles at Mega Man. If Mega Man destroys the Missile Cone during this fight, another one will take its place a few seconds later.


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This robot works as a safety inspector on construction sites, but it's also equipped with missiles for discouraging intruders. Sometimes it blows up supply trucks by mistake.