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Zero starting a mission in Mega Man Zero 3.

A Mission (ミッション Misshon) is a task given to the player's character. With the exception of Mega Man Zero and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, all missions available must be cleared to progress and finish the game. The Mega Man ZX series has optional mission requests that can be done to obtain items or other rewards.

Mission Report Screen

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The Mission Report screen, named Results screen in Mega Man X8 and Result in the Mega Man Zero series, appears in the end of a mission.

In the Mega Man X series, Alia (In Mega Man X5-X7) or Signas (Mega Man X8) show the clear time, the number of enemies defeated, damage taken and Hunter rank. In Mega Man X5 the player can choose the type of Parts he wants to be created, and in some games the screen shows important items obtained during the mission, such as armor parts, parts for the Enigma and Space Shuttle, Rescuable Reploids and Rare Metals. After seeing the report the player can save the game and return to the Stage Select Screen.

Mega Man Zero series

Mega Man Zero

MissionCiel's descriptionNotesBoss
"Rescue Ciel"
Zero? Help me. Please. First mission. Mission success points are reduced if Ciel is hurt. Ciel can be also hurt by the player during the boss fight. This mission can't be aborted. Golem
"Rescue Reploids from Disposal"
What I want to ask you is if you would try and do something that no one has been able to do so far... I want you to destroy the Disposal Center, where they retire our comrades one after another... Even while I speak, they may be retiring a Reploid who is wrongly suspected of being a Maverick. To prevent any additional loss of Reploid life, please destroy the enemy facility... Second mission. In the boss room, the player has about 1 minute to defeat the boss or he/she will be taken to Game Over screen. This mission can't be aborted. Aztec Falcon
Destroy Train
We want to destroy the enemy transport train in order to disrupt their supply. Based on the report from our scout unit... The enemy train is at the old platform loading cargo... The time to attack is now. Please help us destroy that train. Available after completing the mission in the Disposal Center. In the train section, the player has about 3 minutes to go through the stage and defeat the boss or he/she will be taken to Game Over screen. Pantheon Core
Find Shuttle
Some of the abducted Reploids seem to have hijacked an enemy transport plane and have now escaped. But the plane disappeared over the desert... They might have crash-landed in the desert, and so we sent our scouts to look for them... However, our scouts are having difficulties due to the hordes of hostile enemies in the area... I'm sorry, but will you go and help their rescue? Available after completing the mission in the Disposal Center. In the escort section, mission success points are reduced if the shuttle survivor is hurt. If the survivor is abandoned and/or receives enough damage, the player will be taken to Game Over screen. Anubis Necromancess III
Retrieve Data
Do you remember the place in which we met? We had no choice but to escape then, but my research tells me that there remains some very important information for you there. The enemies must be trying to obtain it before you do... Go and retrieve it before it's too late... Available after completing the mission in the Disposal Center. After completing this mission, most of upper area of Underground Laboratory becomes inaccessible. And the player also can acquire the Triple Rod weapon talking to Cerveau. Maha Ganeshariff
Occupy Factory
Unfortunately, our stock of energy is running out... If we could use the abandoned factory, we could generate the energy... But the boss guarding the factory is too strong for us to gain control of it... Will you destroy the boss for us? Available after completing or failing in the mission Destroy Train. If the player is spotted by security sensors and fails to pass the shutter before it closes, he/she will be taken to Game Over screen. After completing this mission, the player can return to the abandoned factory and collect 512 E-Crystals. Guard Orotic
Rescue Colbor
One of our comrades named Colbor said he was very sorry that we couldn't help but rely on you. He seems to have found a way into their base through the subway area, but we have lost contact with the Colbor team... I just hope that he is alright... If you don't mind, will you go and look for him? Available after completing or failing in the mission Destroy Train. Sage Harpuia
Find Hidden Base
We have received information that there is a hidden base of the enemy somewhere in the desert, and that they are holding Reploids in it... We have been trying to locate it, but... If there is a hidden base, and if Reploids are being held there, we must save them as soon as possible... Will you find where the hidden base is? They must be somewhere in the desert...! Available after completing or failing in the mission Find Shuttle Blizzack Staggroff
Protect Factory
Thanks to you, we've gained control of the factory. But I don't think we can hold it forever... Can you go and check on the factory for me? Available after completing the mission Occupy Factory. After defeating the boss, the player has about 3 minutes to find, deactivate, and retrieve all 8 bombs or he/she will be taken to Game Over screen. After completing this mission, the player can return to the abandoned factory and collect 512 E-Crystals. Hidden Phantom
Duel in Desert
We've got a report that enemies are assembling in the desert area. They haven't started their attack yet, but a large scale assault can be expected. Even though our comrades built barricades and are taking precautions against their attack, I am still worried. If you don't mind, will you go and help them? Available after completing or failing in the mission Find Shuttle. Fighting Fefnir
Stop the Hacking
The main server of the Resistance Base has recently become the target of several malicious hack jobs. We know that the hackers are in a hidden base located beneath the desert. If we don't do something about it soon, we will have many problems with the generation project of the new energy. Zero, will you sneak into their hidden base and destroy their main computer? Available after completing the mission Find Hidden Base. Fairy Leviathan
"Giant Mechaniloid Invasion"
Everyone! Guard the front of our base at all costs! Zero! Go around and attack it from the rear... that should buy us some time... You are our only hope... Good luck, Zero. Starts after completing or failing in 4 missions after the Disposal Center mission. If the mechaniloid arrives the Resistance Base gate, the player has about 10 seconds to defeat the boss or he/she will be taken to Game Over screen. Hittite Hottide
"Resistance Base Perseverance"
Help everyone evacuate... Starts after completing all the missions above, failing in the mission Duel in Desert, failing in the mission Giant Mechaniloid Invasion or failing in 4 consecutive missions. After this mission, all previous incomplete missions become unavailable. This mission can't be aborted. Hanumachine
"Enemy Base Invasion"
Available after completing the mission Resistance Base Perseverance, and starts after using a transerver to go to Neo Arcadia Shrine. This mission can't be aborted. Kuwagust Anchus
Neo Arcadia Zero... You must survive... I'll wait for you here until the day you return... Promise me that you will come back alive... Available after completing the mission in the Neo Arcadia Shrine. This mission can't be aborted. Rainbow Devil
Neo Arcadia Core I'm happy that I could meet you... If it were not for you, everyone would be gone by now... ...... Promise me that you will come back alive Even if you cannot destroy Neo Arcadia, I just want you to be able to return safely. Good luck... The last mission and boss rush. Available after completing the mission in the Neo Arcadia Tower. This mission can't be aborted. Copy X

Mega Man Zero 2

Unnamed None Sand Wilderness Mega Scorpia
Rescue R.
In this mission I'd like you to rescue our comrades. There are ruins known as Dysis deep in the forests. Scout soldiers who went there to investigate, have not returned yet. I'd like to send someone to rescue them, but considering our current state of preparing for the coming operations, we don't have a soldier available. I'm very sorry to vother you, but will you find and rescue them? Forest of Dysis Hyleg Ourobockle
Destroy C. Z.
This mission is about sabotage. There is one of the computers in Antarctica which controls the defense system of Neo Arcadia. Once you destroy the guardian boss and the computer room, the defense of the enemy stronghold will be weakened enough to carry out "Operation Righteous Strike." Will you do this? Computer Zone Poler Kamrous
Destroy P. R.
There is no way to exterminate all of Neo Arcadia. The rumor says that there is an arms factory in a city situated at about 100km north of our Resistance Base... We found a power reactor supplying electricity to the factory close to there. If we destroy the power reactor, we would be able to limit their number of enemy soldier. Will you do it? Power Room Phoenix Magnion
Rob Goods
In this mission I'd like you to seize supplies. Currently we are moving a large amount of troops, but we are a little short on supplies. Therefore, we are thinking about assaulting an enemy transport and seizing their supplies. Will you help? Train of N. A. Panter Flauclaws
Residential Area Golems
Kuwagust Anchus
Chase Elpizo
Forest of Notus Burble Hekelot
Chase Elpizo
Roof of C.F. Fairy Leviathan
Chase Elpizo
Crystal Cave Sage Harpuia
Chase Elpizo
Shuttle Factory Fighting Fefnir
N.A. Temple
Yggdrasil Elpizo

Mega Man Zero 3

Unnamed None Derelict Spacecraft Omega
N.A. Army Recon The Neo Arcadian army is building up at the base in Aegis Volcano. We do not know what their intention is. Aegis Volcano Base Blazin' Flizard
Track D.E. Signal We've verified a reading similar to the Dark Elf on the ruins of an intercontinental oceanic highway... We verified that Neo Arcadia is pursuing this. We believe it will take some time for them to reach the source of this reading. If possible, you should verify this signal, and if it is indeed the Dark Elf, protect it. Oceanic Hwy Ruins Childre Inarabitta
Destroy Factory We have discovered a Neo Arcadian weapons factory. They are fixing and refitting broken weaponry. It seems this is more efficient than making new ones. They have doubled weapon production recently. Destroy this factory to cut Neo Arcadia's military power. W.R. Factory Hellbat Schilt
Find Dark Elf This was a residential area where humans once lived. We sent some people to investigate... And received news that Dark Elf may have been seen. For some reason, we are unable to scan this area. We would like you to go there to investigate first-hand. Old Residential Deathtanz Mantisk
Missile Factory Crea and Prea
Engage N.A. Army We have detected Neo Arcadian units moving through the southern desert. These forces must be intercepted as soon as possible. Twilight Desert Anubis Necromancess V
Engage N.A. Army We have detected Neo Arcadian units moving through the Forest of Anatre... These forces must be intercepted as soon as possible. Forest of Anatre Hanumachine R
Engage N.A. Army We have detected Neo Arcadian units moving through the northern tundra... The enemy is constructing a frontline base. There seems to be a reasonable amount of time left to act. Frontline Ice Base Blizzack Staggroff R
Area X-2 Copy X Mk-II
Energy Facility Cubit Foxtar
Snowy Plains Glacier Le Cactank
Sunken Library Volteel Biblio
Giant Elevator Tretista Kelverian
Sub Arcadia Crea and Prea
Weil's Research Laboratory Omega

Mega Man Zero 4

荒野のキャラバン SubDesert Core
Area Zero Carnage Force 0
Halt the Sun Artificial Sun Sol Titanion
Stop the Drill Sub Deep Sea Tech Kraken
Stop the Acid Rain Hanging Gardens Pegasolta Eclair
Destroy the Enemy Hibernation Chamber Fenri Lunaedge
Living City Popla Cocapetri
Halt the Factory Magnetic Zone Mino Magnus
Cut the Power Particle Beam Heat Genblem
Stop the Erosion Underground Forest Noble Mandrago
人間の集落 Craft
Save Neige The Prison Hell the Giant
Ragnarok Control Room Craft
Teleporter Base Randam Bandam
Teleporter Circuit Cyball
Ragnarok Core Dr. Weil

Mega Man ZX series

In the Mega Man ZX series, each portion of the story is presented as a Mission, and each optional mission is a Quest (クエスト Kuesuto).

Mega Man ZX

As a transporter from Giro Express and a new member of the Guardians, Vent/Aile take several mission requests from the Guardians and the Townspeople. After receiving a request, it can be started by choosing it in any transerver, and the transporter must give a mission report in a transerver after completing the mission. The player can run only one request at a time, and must either complete or cancel it to start other. Some important missions start automatically and can't be cancelled.


Catch the Maverick (No description) Area A-2 The first mission from the game. The transporter must defeat Giga Aspis and bring the Biometal to the rendezvous point.
Locate Giro The transporter Giro appears to have met with Maverick aggression in Area B. Go to Area B and find his whereabouts. Area B-1/B-2 4x Computer Chip. 250 EC.
Pass the Test There's a trial you need to pass in order to obtain permission to enter Guardian HQ. There are undercover Guardians hiding among the inhabitants of Area C. Locate them and bring back proof that you passed the trial. Area C-1/C-2
Troop Reinforcement (No description) Area D-2 Giro. Model ZX.
Search the Plant
Find the Survivors
Fight the Mavericks The office district in Area G is under heavy fire from Mavericks. There are several Guardians in the area, but they're calling for backup. I'm also detecting the presence of a Biometal signature among the Mavericks. Head to Area G and face down the Maverick threat.
Secure the Biometal The radar is picking up a Biometal signature. It's on the move and has entered Area H on its own. Area H is where the amusement park was attacked in a Maverick raid ten years ago. It's abandoned, but it seems as though some of the machinery is still in operation. Head to Area H and secure the Biometal. Area H-4


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Mega Man ZX Advent

Similar to Mega Man ZX, the Hunters Grey/Ashe can take mission requests, but the transerver is now only used for main missions from the game. Mission requests unrelated to the main story are done directly with the person that gave the quest.


MissionGame descriptionAdditional details
Escape from the Lab
Can Grey who wakes up only to be told by Pandora that he's to be disposed of, make it out alive!? Grey's starting mission.
Track Down the Airship
Hot on the trail of a Raider airship fleet, Ashe must get to the lead airship, where the stolen Biometal is! Ashe's starting mission.
Transport the Container
The Federation Government "Legion" has requested that you transport the Biometal to its Headquarters! 200 EC and Red Card Key
To the Crash Site
The train is damaged. Get to the site of the crashed Raider airship and get parts to fix the train! This mission is divided in three parts: "Crash Site (Ice Floe)", "Crash Site (Tower)" and "Crash Site (Oil Field)".
Deliver The Biometal
The train has been repaired, and the Legion authorities want that cargo. Take the Biometal to the Sage Trinity!
Model W
Mavericks are springing up everywhere, Model W may have something to do with it. Investigate the 4 new areas for Model W! This mission is divided in four parts: "Model W (Center)", "Model W (Highway)", "Model W (F.Ruins)" and "Model W (Scrapyard)".
Retrieve Model W
Get Albert The destruction of some Model Ws put a crimp in Albert's plan. Take this chance and go to a new area to find a clue! This mission is divided in three parts: "Get Albert (Waterfall)", "Get Albert (Lab)" and "Get Albert (Bio Lab)".
To Albert's Hideout
To the OuroborosUse the Guardian Base to board the Model W amalgamation, the Ouroboros, and take Albert down! Last mission.


QuestClientPlaceQuest details
Find Owner Of Backpack PatrickTrain3 Ray from Hunter's Camp lost his backpack. Return it to him and talk with Patrick to gain a Secret Disk.
Enemy Buster #1 RichardHunter's Camp3 Destroy as many Myterys as possible within the time limit. If the player beats Richard's hi-score of 100 enemies, he will give some EC. This quest is always available.
Find The Pickaxe KiddHunter's Camp4 Find a pickaxe in the quarry and give it to Kidd to open the last room in the area he was digging.
Catch the Moth Queen MaryArctic Ice Floe2 Catch the Moth Queen above Mary. It can be caught early with Buckfire.
Protect The Energy GeorgeHunter's Camp1 Protect the three containers from the Mavericks.
Highway Race (round 1) BurtHighway3 First race in the Highway.
Highway Race (hayate) BurtHighway3
Highway Race (idaten) BurtHighway3
Highway Race (defend) BurtHighway3
Find The Wrench AntonioOil Field2 Antonio lost his wrench in a high area. Use Queenbee, Buckfire of other form to reach it.
Find Ancient Artifacts MegFloating Ruins3 Find four artifacts hidden in the Floating Ruins, each in one of the four areas.
Give Order To The Shop RomeoHunter's Camp4 Buy shelves with Austin by 1000 EC in Train3.
Spruce Up The Room AmyHunter's Camp4
Help The Lost Hunter's RomeoHunter's Camp4 Romeo sent two Hunters to the Control Room to bring a chandlier, but they didn't returned yet. Go to Control Room 3 and discover why they are taking so long.
Comics For The Shelves SharonHunter's Camp3 Buy comics in Train3. Sharon gives the Ice Boots as thanks.
Find The Model Train JarkeHunter's Camp2 Talk with Owl and he says he will trade his model train for a Pudding. Take the Pudding with Nick and make the trade. Give the Model Train to Jarke.
To Mechaniloid Remains CarleyHunter's Camp4 An ancient Mechaniloid was found in Oil Field.
Find The Blueprints NickHunter's Camp4 Find the Blueprints in Hunter's Camp 1.
Catch The Little Bird AnnaHunter's Camp1
Find The Hero Goods ChrisHunter's Camp2
Put Out The Fire TillisTrain3
Find The Bird Camera PierreHunter's Camp1
Find The Magical Fruit JimHunter's Camp1
Find A Present For Mom BlossomHunter's Camp3
Get Back The Pendant ElenaHunter's Camp1
Find Lost Friends NicolHunter's Camp2 Ashe only. Find Lazarus and Red.
Recycle Junk JamesScrapyard2 Collect 4 junk parts for James.
Eliminate The Chabanos PeterWaterfall Ruins3 Eliminate Chabanos in the room near Peter.
Eliminate 50 Chabanos PeterWaterfall Ruins3 Eliminate 50 green Chabanos that are scattered around the areas of the game.

Mega Man Legends series

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne must obtain money to pay Teisel Bonne's debt to Lex Loath and free him. For that, Tron can start a mission in the Gesellschaft's HQ. Before starting the mission, she has a meeting with the Servbots in the Meeting Room, where she gives details of the mission objective and decides which Servbots and equipments will be used. By talking with Servbot #17 after using the Red Head Parts, the favorite Servbot can go to an extra mission where he tries to obtain money in a casino.

Action The goal of this mission is to rob a bank in town!
Puzzle The goal of this mission is to steal all the cargo containers from the harbor!
RPG The goal of this mission is to find the legendary Aurora Stones in the ruins!
Free Action The goal of this mission is to find all the treasure buried inside the ruins!
Action The goal of this mission is to steal all the livestock from a ranch!
6Containers 2
Puzzle The goal of this mission is to go back to the harbor and get more cargo containers!
Casino It looks like there's only one mission I can go on... Make money at the casino!

Mega Man Legends

Get the key to the gate! One of the three servbots has the key--they can pass it back and forth between them, so you'll have to figure out which one of them has it!
Each of the three servbot's robots is unique and has different capabilities--red is built for combat, blue is built for speed, and yellow is built for endurance.
Defend City Hall! The red robots will attack City Hall, while the yellow robots will attack the nearest buildings.
Protect City Hall, the police station, and the bank from the pirates!
Showdown with T. Bonne! You must destroy the digging robot Marlwolf!
The robot's outer shell is heavily armored, but the hatch is nearly defenseless.
Shoot the treads to slow the robot down, then jump on the robot from the rocks and shoot at the hatch!
Water Battle!! Protect you boat from the enemy's attacks!
Shoot and destroy the red sub's torpedoes and the yellow ship's missiles before they hit the ship!
Final Battle with the Gesellschaft! Destroy the warcraft Gesellschaft while protecting the Flutter from attack!

Mega Man Legends 2

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