Mix Forte Card

Mix Fort's profile in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.

Mix Fort (ミックス・フォート Mikkusu Fōto, known as "Mix Forte" in Japan) is the combined form of all the Hyper Limited Mavericks and (presumably) Enemice HL's creation in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.


Mix Forte Transforming Card

Volt Catfish, Armored Armadillo, Morph Moth and Launch Octopus transforming to Mix Fort.

As mentioned, he is the combination of all the Hyper Limited Mavericks (Armored Armadillo HL, Morph Moth HL, Launch Octopus HL and Volt Catfish HL, and thus shares some of the mavericks' features - whiskers (Volt Catfish), wings (Morph Moth), and blue/red armor (Launch Octopus/Armored Armadillo).


In retaliation from Return iX combining with X and Zero to form the iX Armors, Enemice HL revives the fallen Hyper Limited Mavericks and combines them to make Mix Fort. Mix Fort then proceedes to attack X and Zero, but is destroyed without effort thanks to their armor.



  • The Japanese writing for Mix Forte is not the same that spells out Forte's. Forte's is spelt as フォルテ while Mix Fort's is spelt as フォート, making it closer to "fort".r. This pronunciation was used for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection's scans for the cards, rendering the name as Mix Fort.
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