Miyata (宮田) is a minor character in Rockman.EXE Beast. He is a railroad worker in Shirokuni Town under Kunio Kurogane who notes that Kunio was 7 minutes late returning to town when he returned, something he never does. Kunio states he was attacked by beastized viruses, but was saved by Enzan Ijuuin and Meiru Sakurai, much to Miyata’s amazement. Kunio gives Miyata his orders, and he asks if he should start at the scheduled time, which Kunio confirms, and Miyata runs to do what he is told.

Later when Zoano JunkMan.EXE attacks the town and places a time bomb in it, Kunio attaches it to a train and takes off, ordering Miyata to go to Point K-15, though the track was destroyed, so Kunio tells him to switch to Point F-41 in 4 minutes and 28 seconds, but Miyata informs him he cannot get there in time, so Enzan climbs up and changes the track for him. The train explodes outside of town and Miyata and another railroad worker watch in horror believing Kunio had sacrificed himself, but he emerges from the crash, having saved the town, much to their relief. The Railroad Kingdom

Miyata last appears next to Kunio and Granny, watching as the Wily-possessed Super Cyber Beast flies through the sky declaring he has control of both Falzer and Glaga’s armies and that resistance to him is futile. Exceeding Light

After the defeat of the Super Cyber Beast and the restoration of peace on Beyondard, it is assumed Miyata helped restore the world and lived a normal life.

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