"Let the feast of souls begin! SkullMan, arise!"
—Miyu, Mega Man Battle Network

Miyu, known as Miyuki Kuroi (黒井みゆき Kuroi Miyuki) in Japan, is the operator of SkullMan.EXE. She owns an antique shop in DenTown and is a fortune teller who almost always gets her predictions right. She is a recurring character in the anime MegaMan NT Warrior.


Miyu has a cold, quiet and mysterious personality. She tends to speak mysteriously in the anime and she was the only secret police who never raised Lan or his friends' suspicions of her being Miyumiyu. In the game and manga, she uses the words death and dark in sentences.

Game History

Miyu's antique shop, located in Block 2 of DenTown.

Miyu plays a very small role in the games, making her debut in the first Mega Man Battle Network game. She, like Masa and Sal, is an optional boss that has no major impact story wise. She works in an antique shop from DenTown and unlike in the anime, she doesn't show any signs of being able to read fortunes. Lan and Mayl go to her store to find a present for Yai.

She appeared once again in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge as a challenger, but loses to the playable character.

In Mega Man Battle Network 6, she didn't appear at all. However, she was mentioned by Ms. Mari at the end of the game along with Masa, Sal and other characters, saying that Miyu is congratulating them for graduating Year 6 and moving to middle school. All three of them being mentioned together was possibly a reference to their roles in the anime.

Anime History

Main article: Miyu (anime)

Miyu, along with Sal and Maysa were given much more prominent roles from within the anime series in which the three of them work together as Net Agents battling against NetCrime, with Miyu herself taking the role of Mysteriyu (Miyumiyu in Japan).

Manga History

Miyu only has a brief appearance in the manga. She firs appears after Lan and MegaMan won against SharkMan and overheard that their target is the Undernet where the "Black Shadow" is. She then orders SkullMan to capture MegaMan to test him and Lan. While MegaMan is trapped within Miyu's shop, Lan and his friends visit the shop to look for MegaMan, and they are startled by Miyu's sudden appearance when they entered the shop. Lan asks for her to allow them to look for MegaMan, but Miyu seemingly ignores them while she talks to someone. This scares Lan and the others who thinks that she's talking to ghosts since she said that they are around them. However, the ones that Miyu talks to revealed to be the furnitures within the shop. Miyu explains that within things exist souls and if they sharpened their ears, they can hear those souls talking.

Lan and Yai thinks that she's just saying nonsense, leading Miyu to think that Lan is a type of person who cannot connect his heart to his own Navi, telling him that Navis are also things and has souls within them, before allowing him to look for MegaMan inside the store. When Lan failed to notice MegaMan and left the store, MegaMan fights SkullMan after he promised him that he can get out if MegaMan defeat SkullMan. Miyu's ability allows SkullMan to corner MegaMan. However, she briefly cannot read MegaMan's heart and realizes that deep within him, there's a human heart, shocking her. Lan arrives and use Program Advance to defeat SkullMan.

Miyu apologizes for misunderstanding their bond and gives them many rare chips as apology. She comments how MegaMan is a bizzare Navi for having a human heart and thinks that they may be able to achieve seemingly impossible things, such as surpassing the "Black Shadow" (Bass.EXE) who lurks in the Undernet.


In the MegaMan NT Warrior manga by Ryo Takamisaki, it is revealed that she is capable of "reading the hearts of things" such as antique furnitures, non-electronic and electronic devices, any non-living thing--- including NetNavis. This ability merged with her Navi SkullMan (presumably via Full Synchro), thus letting them predict MegaMan's movement and easily outpower him. However, Miyu can't read the hearts of living things, thus this made her unable to read the heart of Hub residing within MegaMan, which finally led to her defeat at Lan's arrival.



  • Her height is 158.0 centimeters.[1]
  • Excluding Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, Miyu is the only optional boss character from the first game who never appeared in any other game.
  • In the Japanese manga, Miyu's shop is named "Black Snow", which is a reference to her own Japanese name Miyuki Kuroi that can be translated as black snow in Japanese due to the kanji black (黒, Kuro) and snow (雪, Yuki) in her name.
  • Like her friend Sal, Miyu has themes related to Buddhism in her character; her use of a skeleton themed Navi, and her occupation as an antiques store owner likely refers to the treasures known as sarira, which are the crystalline jewel like pebbles found after the cremation of Buddhist laymen. Many believe such gems are created due to the virtue and attainment that monk had, while scientific study states that they are the chemical result of bone reacting to the heated crucible surface and attaining its form by fire.
  • She was planned to be 18 years old, but changed to 16 years old in later.[Citation needed]


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