This article is about the MegaMan NT Warrior anime character. For her video game counterpart, see Miyu. For her Beyondard counterpart, see Miyuki Kuroi (Beyondard).

Miyu Kuroi, known as Miyuki Kuroi (黒井みゆき Kuroi Miyuki) in Japan, is a character in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. The owner of an antique shop in DenTech City, she is secretly a Net Agent alongside Sal and Maysa under the disguise of Mysteriyu, Miyumiyu (みゆみゆ Miyumiyu) in Japan. She is the NetOp of SkullMan.EXE. Miyu is 18 years old in the anime as opposed to the games, where she is 16.


Miyu in the first season's intro.

Unlike her video game counterpart, who is only an optional boss with no story significance in the original Mega Man Battle Network, Miyu has a prominent role in the first season as a Net Agent, where she, Sal and Maysa mentor Lan Hikari and assist him in his battle against the World Three. Miyu is a quiet and mysterious young woman who owns an antique shop when she is not working as a Net Agent, and seems to have some precognitive abilities with her crystal ball that she carries everywhere she goes, though these readings are never clear and not always correct. Her more introverted nature is in contrast to Sal, who despite being soft-spoken most of the time, is loud and full of energy during special events like the N1 Grand Prix.


MegaMan NT Warrior

Miyu in the anime.

In the anime, Miyu owns an antique shop and could also tell her customers their fortunes. Although her predictions are mostly true, in the last few episodes of the first season, she didn't seem to be able to predict anything. In the anime, she is secretly a Net Agent under the name of Mysteriyu (Miyumiyu in Japan).

During the N1 Grand Prix arc, Miyu enters the tournament, her first challenger being Lan Hikari. During the fight, Miyu uses her skills to predict every move that Lan and MegaMan would make. She was close to winning, but forfeited when Lan found a way to counter her predictions. Despite her loss, it was revealed at the end of the episode that Miyu forfeited on purpose and if she kept battling she would've won. Near the end of the N1 Grand Prix arc, she and Sal were given a chance to re-enter in the tournament, but failed due to WWW members Maddy and Count Zap sabotaging the machine.

During the second half of the first season, Miyu seemed to have had a minor personality change. Her predictions doesn't seem to work and be accurate (as she couldn't predict Ms. Mari's fortune), and she even join in a dancing and singing contest ironically. She also helps to fight Grave with SkullMan as a Net Agent alongside Maysa and Sal.

During the first season, Miyu displayed many odd behaviors, such as when the whole town was hypnotized by MagicMan, she was seen behaving like a flying squirrel and during the N1 Grand Prix, she was seen standing on top of the building during a thunderstorm predicting the battle.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Toys of Mysteriyu, Black Rose, and Commander Beef in the anime.

Although absent in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess, Miyu, alongside Sal and Masa, appears as a toy in their Net Agent disguises in one episode. Commander Beef Returns!

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