This page is about the standard Model A. For information about the unlockable one, see Model a.
"Model A... In other words, Model Albert."
—Albert about Model A

Model A, 'The Copy Mega Man', is a Biometal from the Mega Man ZX series. Biometal "Model Albert" was created by Master Albert as a backup system for his entire plan and knowledge, which is locked with cyphers. His appearance and powers are a homage to the Mega Man X series character Axl.[1]


Biometal Model A gets its name from Master Albert, who created it as his personal back-up system. It is unknown what happened to Model A after his creation, Albert presumably hiding him somewhere. Model A had no memories of his origin. Years later, Model A was found by Raiders in ancient ruins, but they lost it during an aerial Maverick attack led by Prometheus. Some Hunters that took the task to retrieve the Biometal managed to take Model A and start to transport it to Legion with a train, but they are also attacked by Mavericks. During the attack, Ashe/Grey are attacked by Prometheus and Pandora and megamerge with Model A, becoming the Model A Mega Man. By defeating powerful enemies, Model A absorbs the DNA Core into its database, allowing the user to access the new form and its powers, albeit at a somewhat limited scale.

After taking care of the Mavericks in the train, Model A decides to stay with Ashe/Grey, although he initially disapproves the ally's heroic attitude and prefers to avoid combat. When Model A defeats a Mega Man, a cypher within him is unlocked. When Vent/Aile is defeated, the last cypher is unlocked and Model A discovers his origin and guesses the origin of Ashe/Grey, but decides to not reveal it yet. The truth is eventually revealed by Master Albert inside Ouroboros, and now that his plan was in motion, he says that Model A is no longer necessary and will be destroyed alongside Ashe/Grey, who are only able to megamerge with Model A due to having his DNA. After a fierce battle, Ashe/Grey manage to defeat Albert, but Ashe/Grey collapses and is rescued by Vent/Aile. After the battle, Model A decides to stay with Ashe/Grey.


Compared to the other Biometals, Model A seems a bit older in appearance. Model A himself is a triangular shape with a black and white coloration and the standard "face" on the front. In place of a jewel is a bolt with a line-shaped dent on it. When Megamerged, the user gains dark blue and light gray armor with red accents and a red and dark blue chestplate. The arms resemble the ones used on older generation Reploids of the 21XX having the standard wrist ring on them as well as on the ankles and lacks any sort of jewel on them. The helmet is mostly black with a two-pronged red crest with yellow horns extending further from their end and the bolt from Model A is situated on the center. The bolt itself turns and glows whenever Megamerging or A-Trans is used. A pair of large retractable holsters are located on the waist where they can open up and reveal the hand cannons that come equipped with the Biometal. Lastly, users retain their unique trait whenever Megamerged; Grey keeps his red wires and the helmet forms a hole for where Ashe's long hair can flow. While the overall look resembles Axl and despite the Biometal's advanced abilities, it appears to resemble something much older than the other Biometals.

Powers and abilities

This Biometal's Mega Man form allows the use of twin hand cannons, as well as the A-Trans copy ability, in the use of DNA Cores. Unlike other Biometals, Model A's Weapon Energy is perpetual as it can continually regenerate over time without the need of Weapon Energy items. In Beginner Mode, the energy recharge faster.

Attacks available include the powerful Charge Shot, the before-mentioned A-Trans ability, and the Homing Shot, an attack capable of targeting up to eight enemies over a reasonable range. However, unlike Vent and Aile, the hand cannon's shots differ greatly on who is using them. Grey's Buster Shot can fire up to three shots and his charged attack fires an energy orb similar to that of Model X's first fully charged shot. Ashe's Laser Shot can fire up to two larger and more powerful shots; when partially charged it becomes the Charge Laser; and her fully charged attack, Reflect Laser, fires a thick, powerful laser beam that reflects on surfaces, similar to the Gemini Laser. Grey's Homing Shots have a wider range and fires up to eight shots on screen, while Ashe's range is more narrow, but longer and fires a single energy torrent that travels from target to target. Model A can also perform the Giga Crush technique, flinging out both pistols in a flurry of bullet fire.

Because of Model A's status as a backup system for Master Albert, it also possessed five ciphers, which would activate after dealing battle with Mega Men and absorbing their DNA cores and reveal data on Master Albert's plans to the biomatch for Model A, a process that's also extremely painful. It's also implied that any Mega Men who fail to retreat prior to the Model A Mega Man absorbing the DNA core of the defeated Mega Men are also exposed to the information as well, as evidenced by Model ZX being exposed to the details of the final cipher regarding the culmination of Albert's final plans.


By obtaining DNA cores, Model A can mimic the forms of enemy characters, allowing use of their attacks. The DS touchscreen allows for instant transformations without the need to scroll through forms first by simply touching the icons. Also, Biometal Model A is the only Biometal who has different sprites for each main protagonists.

Boss Image Description
Buckfire the Gaxelleroid ZXABuckfire.png In this A-Trans form, access to a series of agility attacks is unlocked, including a diving kick that can destroy certain boxes. This is the fastest for travel in the game as the player is always in a dashing motion while moving.
Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid Chronoforce.jpg In this A-Trans form, the player can move freely through water (similar to Model L), and fire icicles. His hide is completely invulnerable to all forms of offense. In addition, he possesses an electronic-disrupting technique called 'Time Bomb' that gives the sensation of slowing down time. Chronoforce is rendered immobile if not in water, but can still use Time Bomb combined with his hide makes his ability just as ideal on the ground.
Rospark the Floroid ZXARospark.png In this A-Trans form, the player can climb ropes, shoot Rose Stingers, and use his whips to attack enemies on ground or attached to poles or electrify them with a charged attack as well as airborne enemies. On the ground, Rospark remains in an extremely slow-moving bulb form, while his true power blossoms in flower form whenever attached to a pole.
Argoyle & Ugoyle the Shisaroids ZXAShisaroids.png In this A-Trans form, the player controls Argoyle and attacks with AR Bombs, spherical weapons that explode after ricocheting. This form can 'infinite dash' and summon Ugoyle as a 'ghost' player that follows all over the player's movements and is invulnerable to harm. In addition, Ugoyle is not affected by terrain and can retrieve items in out-of-reach areas. There is a special monthly unlockable chip which changes the form's AR Bombs into soccer balls.
Queenbee the Hymenopteroid ZXAKaizemine.jpg In this A-Trans form, the user can fly into the air to collect items previously inaccessible. The player is also able to carry objects larger than itself, usually by pulling it from underground.
Hedgeshock the Erinaceroid Hedgeshock.jpg In this A-Trans form, the character can roll through small spaces without having to transform into their human form (very much like Sonic's spin abilities) and can cut through obstacles while doing so. She also has access to a Rakuhouha-like attack.
Vulturon the Condoroid ZXACondorrock.jpg In this A-Trans form, the ability to stick to walls and weights to move them is available. The user is able to hover in the air until Biometal energy runs out.
Bifrost the Crocoroid Bifrost the crocoroid.jpg In this A-Trans form, the user gains a drastic size increase. Bifrost can attack with buzz-saws that deals multiple hits. Its other attack includes Ice Fangs that fire ice shards while the mouth is completed extended, giving the user limited invulnerability with the mouth. It also has two attacks not listed in the move list screen: Tail Swing, which flings enemies away while turning the opposite direction; and crushing enemies while falling to the ground or landing on them. This form's jaws are strong enough to destroy certain blocks.
Aeolus - Model H AeolusModelH.png As a copy of Aeolus using the Model H Biometal, this A-Trans form allows the use of the same abilities of Model HX in the first Mega Man ZX game, including Enemy Analyzing.
Atlas - Model F AtlasModelF.png As a copy of Atlas using the Model F Biometal, this A-Trans form allows the use of the same abilities of Model FX in the first Mega Man ZX game, including Buster Edit.
Thetis - Model L ThetisModelL.png As a copy of Thetis using the Model L Biometal, this A-Trans form allows the use of the same abilities of Model LX in the first Mega Man ZX game, including Item Searching.
Siarnaq - Model P SiarnaqModelP.png As a copy of Siarnaq using the Model P Biometal, this A-Trans form allows the use of the same abilities of Model PX in the first Mega Man ZX game, including Night Scope and attacking enemies on the touch screen.
Vent/Aile - Model ZX Vent ZX.jpg Alie ZX.jpg Imitating Vent/Aile in the Model ZX form is available. The abilities of Model ZX from the previous Mega Man ZX game are available for use, as well as a character-specific ability for Grey and Ashe that was not featured in the first ZX game. Grey's (Aile's) character-specific ability in Aile's form is 'Energy Fissure' ('Fission' in the English version), a downward stab move that spews forth rocks on impact, while Ashe's (Vent's) form is 'Rising Fang', which consists of a jumping upper slash and a saber-wave projectile (distinct from a Sonic Boom in that it does not penetrate enemies or obstacles). However, only the boss can link up this attack with the standard three-hit combo.
Ashe/Grey - Model a
If the player obtains all 24 medals and starts a new game, "Model a" can be used in the actual game through A-Trans, being available when the player gets Model A. It is a usable item first and must be used before the model becomes selectable in the Trans-wheel.Model a makes only 8-bit beeping sounds such as touching the floor and taking damage as well as dying. The player still has access to the wall-kick, but the dash is replaced with the slide and the gun fires only uncharged shots. Both Homing Shots and the Giga Attack are unusable. The player also becomes small enough to move through small spaces without human or Hedgeshock form.


As noted above, if a Model A Mega Man defeated another Mega Man, a cipher is unlocked, with the process being painful for both the Mega Man and, should he/she not escape before it is unlocked, the opposing Mega Man.

Cipher 1

????: EXTRACTING FROM CODE AW15 TO CE70. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. ......Congratulations. The Model A which I created is protected by a cipher that is broken only in battle. You, who broke the first cipher, are worthy to know its truth and power. Through my research of the lost technology, I have created a key to unlock the door to a new evolution. Biometal Model W... He who holds it, will hold the power to rule the world. But it will take much time before people will finally appreciate my work. Sacrifices are necessary to awaken Model W. Model Ws which I have hidden throughout the world are waiting to be awakened. Waiting for when the one who understands my work appears, to receive the power.

Cipher 2

????: EXTRACTING FROM CODE CE71 TO FC60. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. ...You who have broken the second cipher now stand at a fateful crossroads. If you continue to read this data, there is no turning back. You too are part of this plan. Biometal has the ability to give its "Chosen One" superhuman powers and combine to become a new lifeform. This combination results in a Megamerge, the transformation into a Mega Man. I've decided to select a new Chosen One suitable for Model W, the next step in evolution. Finding a suitable candidate in this world is nearly impossible. But I can do it, because as one of the Legion's Sage Trinity, I know everything about the world...

Cipher 3

????: EXTRACTING FROM CODE FC61 TO UC79. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. In order to find a Biomatch for Biometal Model W, first I created sibling Reploids. As well as giving them a portion of Model W's power, I gave them 1 commandment. That was to determine the most powerful Mega Man. A commandment to Biomatch each of my Chosen Ones to a Biometal. And have them fight until only one of them was left. The survivor of this contest will attain the power of Model W, and become the ultimate Mega Man. Yes, the new King of the world, the Mega Man King.

Cipher 4

????: EXTRACTING FROM CODE UC80 TO AC195. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. The power of Biometal isn't something to be had by just anyone. It's a power which should only be obtained by a Chosen One, one with the ability to change the world. I devised this cipher to lock away the power of the Biometal. A cipher that would allow only the Chosen One to unleash its power. In other words, it's locked to its Biomatch. All Reploids have come to Legion to have their life-cycle setting checked. I made sure that every Reploid I inspected was infused with my DNA. That is the key to the cipher, the proof of being the Chosen One. Yes, by viewing this data, you now have within you my DNA.

Cipher 5

????: EXTRACTING FROM CODE AC196 TO TC2343. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. This is the last cipher. You, who knows all about the plan. You have earned the right to receive the ultimate Biometal. Sleeping Model Ws everywhere feed on the fear of humans, waiting for their day of awakening. And when all Model Ws have combined, the ultimate Biometal will be born. Its name will be Ouroboros... The who holds the Ouroboros will evolve beyond the mere fusion of man and machine. What I seek is to become the ultimate Mega Man. My name is Master Albert. And I decide how things are going to be. You, who will usher in a new way of life in a new world... I hope that one day my research will pave the way to a new course of evolution.


While Model A is not Axl, it is designed after him. Axl himself was not brought into the ZX series due to his ambiguous fate at the end of Mega Man X8, the last mainline Mega Man X game in the series to this day, where he was seriously damaged and had his helmet jewel smashed by tentacles shooting Lumine’s dead body, seemingly infecting him with an unknown object.

Model A incorporates Axl’s color scheme and dual-wielding pistols, but rather than having a jewel on its helmet like Axl, it has a cover where the jewel was, reflecting Axl’s fate at the end of X8. This jewel can be seen in illustrations for Advent however.[2]

Other media

Rockman ZX Advent (manga)

X8NavigatorAlertIconEdit.png This section requires expansion.

Model A is used by Grey to transform. Model A has a very perverted personality in the manga.

Archie Comics

Model A is featured in the Short Circuits for Issue 55 of the Mega Man series, where it appears along with X, Zero, a Metall, a Servbot, and silhouetted figures resembling MegaMan.EXE and Star Force Mega Man.



  • It is interesting to note that Model A's overall triangular shape resembles an upside down version of the Model W used by Serpent and Albert to Megamerge, a clever allusion to its 'predecessor'.
  • The codes listed at the start of each cypher are references to the dates of a famous anime,[3] the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. AW15 is to After War Gundam X, CE70 and CE71 are to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, FC60 and FC61 are to Mobile Fighter G Gundam, UC79 and UC80 are to Mobile Suit Gundam, 08th MS Team, 0080 War in the Pocket, and Mobile Suit Gundam MS Igloo, AC195 and AC196 are to Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, and TC2343 is likely a reference to Turn A Gundam (although if so it would likely be either CC2343 or CC2345).
  • Some of the laser shots, particularly when used by Aile, utilized the same SFX as blasters from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Model A is the only Biometal that is not based on any Mega Man Zero character.


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