This page is about the unlockable Model a. For information about the standard one, see Model A.

Model a - The Ancient Mega Man is a unlockable bonus Biometal in Mega Man ZX Advent.


Model a (the "a" standing for "ancient") is a Biometal modeled after the original 8-bit Mega Man games used in an unlockable minigame. If the player obtains all 24 medals and starts a new game, "Model a" can be used in the actual game through A-Trans, being available when the player gets Model A. It is a usable item first and must be used before the model becomes selectable in the Trans-wheel (there isn't enough space to insert Model a into the touchscreen selection).


Model a is not represented in any physical form. When activated, the user takes on a much smaller 8-bit styled version of Model A's armor.

Powers and Abilities

Model a makes only 8-bit beeping sounds such as touching the floor and taking damage as well as dying. The player still has access to the Wall Kick, but the dash is replaced with the slide and the gun fires only uncharged shots. Both Homing Shots and the Giga Attack are unusable. The player also becomes small enough to move through small spaces without Humanoid/Reploid or Hedgeshock form.