Mole Bore (モルボーラ Morubōra) is a large Mole Borer that serves as the boss of the Palace Road stage in Mega Man X7. Originally a tunnel construction Mechaniloid, its simple but powerful equipment makes it a dangerous Maverick. It chases the Maverick Hunters throughout the Palace Road trying to crush them with its roller, and at the end they must fight against it.


  • Rush Attack - The Mole Bore will perform this move at the start of the battle and following any other attack. It will speed off down the middle of the screen disappearing off the left side and then rush back across screen down the top lane to the right, and then to the left again down the bottom lane. It will cross the screen once more heading right down the upper lane, then reappear on the right side of the screen and come to a stop. The Mole Bore is invincible during this attack.
  • Roller Cutter - While stationary the Mole Bore may release a series of large spinning blades from its drum that home in on the player.
  • Laser Attack - When the Mole Bore retracts the tip of its nose and raise its drum, it will lower itself and fire a wide laser beam. Move to the right side of the screen to avoid and inflict some damage to the Mole Bore while it's busy performing this attack. Only Zero can dodge the laser by double jumping from any other location.

A Volt Tornado or Zero's Raijinshou will blow its drum off in one hit (be sure to avoid the drum as it bounces away), removing the threat of its Roller Cutter attack. Yet, losing its drum grants the Mole Bore increased speed and a drill will extend from its nose, rendering the Mole Bore's head invulnerable to attacks while in use. However, it must retract the drill to fire its laser.

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