Moliarty, known as Dotarou Horisugi (堀杉土太郎 Horisugi Dotarou) is a character from the Mega Man Battle Network series. His NetNavi is GroundMan.EXE and he is an expert hole digger.


Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Moliarty enters but loses in the Navi Mascot tournament. He then gives lessons at the Central Town school which involve using GroundMan to break rocks in the Net. After taking his lesson and defeating him in a NetBattle, MegaMan gains the Ground Cross. He can then be rebattled to gain GroundMan Mega Chips.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Beast

Moliarty and Mr. Press appear in Beyondard and are friends who dig holes together. They meet Chaud and Maylu after they fall into a hole they dug. After reconciling, all of them go to the town where they live where the Beyondard Ms. Millions hires them to break a rock separating two villages. They materialize GroundMan and DustMan.EXE from their PETs and try to break the rock but they fail. Ms. Millions reveals that she has no money and wants to break the rock so that she could reunite the two towns and meet her husband. Despite not having any money, Mr. Press and Moliarty help her anyway even after DustMan and GroundMan have to return to their PETs. Chaud gets villagers on the other side to help and the two villages are reunited.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Moliarty and Mister Press end up in Lan's world and start chasing a coin dropped by Kosuke.


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