This article is about the MegaMan NT Warrior anime character. For his video game counterpart, see NapalmMan.EXE. For others, see Napalm Man (disambiguation).

MoltanicMan.EXE, known as NapalmMan.EXE in Japan, is an antagonist in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series.

MoltanicMan was found adrift in the net by KnightMan near Brightland's borders, and he swore allegiance to KnightMan and Princess Pride for saving him. However, he was actually a spy from an enemy country, DarkLand, and after a few months, he made KnightMan go berserk so he could destroy the central computer from Brightland, lowering its defenses to be open for an attack. After KnightMan is stopped, MoltanicMan tries to control Glide, but he is discovered and is deleted by MegaMan and the recovered KnightMan.KnightMan's Betrayal!

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