Dr. Wily's "empire" in the game's cover.

Monsteropolis is a location mentioned in the North American instruction manual and box of the first Mega Man video game. It is described as a strange multi-layered land of robot-like Humanoids created by the wrongly-performed experiments with human beings by Dr. Wily. It contains seven heavily-guarded empires led by Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, and Dr. Wily.

Monsteropolis is not canon, and except for some English media related to the first game, like The Official Guide to Mega Man and the Mega Man Anniversary Collection manual, it is not mentioned again in game sources.

Other media

The main setting of the Mega Man comic by Dreamwave Productions, Mega City, was formerly known as "Monstropolis".


  • The name Monsteropolis is a combination of the words metropolis and monster.
  • The name of the Air Man song composed by the band "The Megas" includes the word Monsteropolis.

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