"YO YO YO YO!! Feast your eyes on my beautiful battle technique, Mega Man!"
―Moon Destroyer, Mega Man Star Force 3

Moon Destroyer, known as Moon Disaster (ムーン・ディザスター) in Japan, is a character in Mega Man Star Force 3. He is a flamboyant EM being who is located in Natl Astrowave 2, who appears after Zack Temple sends a message saying an EM being is taking up traffic in the area. He likes to include varying amounts of "YO!" when he talks.

His origin is never revealed, but he seems to know a lot about Mega Man and his achievements. He is also very self-confident and brags about his power and abilities.


  • Moon Spin (ムーンスピン): Moon Destroyer spins to the left and shoots crescent blades, which can inflict confusion. Often followed with a Comet Pitcher.
  • Moon Bazooka (ムーンバズーカー): Moon Destroyer jumps and throws a comet-like stone towards Mega Man's current position. This cannot be blocked.
  • Moonsault Kick (ムーンサルトキック): Moon Destroyer kicks from either the left or the right. Later versions follow up with a downward kick which forms a hole on the panel. The Axe-Kick (second) cannot be blocked.
  • Moon Cutter (ムーンカッター): Moon Destroyer moves to the far center panel and launches a few crescent blades at Mega Man's current position.

Battle Cards

ID Battle Card Description Attack Element
Mega Card 37 SF3 BC M037.png MoonDstry Lft 3-col or right 1-col cutter atk 100 NoneSword
Mega Card 38 SF3 BC M038.png MoonDstryV2 Lft 3-col or right 1-col cutter atk 120 NoneSword
Mega Card 39 SF3 BC M039.png MoonDstryV3 Lft 3-col or right 1-col cutter atk 140 NoneSword
Illegal Card Xxx moon destroyerX.png MoonDstryX Lft 3-col or right 1-col cutter atk 180 NoneSword



  • Moon Destroyer is listed shorthand in the credits as Moon Dstryr.
  • The original Boss character contest design of Moon Destroyer added that Moon Destroyer was intended to be Apollo Flame's rival, marking the rivilary of the Sun and the Moon. He was also intended to be a kid, rather than adult-looking [1].

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