Morph Moth, known in Japan as Metamor Mothmeanos[1] (メタモル・モスミーノス Metamoru Mosumīnosu), is a character in the Mega Man X series, a Reploid based on a bagworm moth. An unusual Reploid of unknown background, he is a prototype equipped with advanced circuitry and has the unique ability to absorb scrap from other Reploids to power himself up. Morph Moth is lazy and takes a lackadaisical approach to his duties.

Under Sigma's orders, he has occupied a robot junkyard and is using the scrap materials there to resurrect destroyed Mavericks and create new ones. When X first meets him, he looks like a mechanical bagworm. He can move around and drop junk on X, and even do a spiraling attack with it. After some time he morphs to a moth form. He is vulnerable to flames, being weak to Speed Burner.


Part 1 - Bagworm

When the battle begins, Morph Moth (in this form) will swing back and forth like a pendulum. If he swings hard enough he'll drop debris. After his last swing he'll fall to the ground and spin around, scattering junk while invincible. Then he'll hang in the center of the room and vacuum debris into himself, clockwise or counter-clockwise. As he absorbs debris, he will grow bigger. After a few times through his pattern, he will become quite large and pull himself up into the ceiling to enter his moth form. If enough damage is done to him while in his bagworm form, he will transform before he reaches his maximum size. The player can either let him grow into his true form, or pelt him with X-Buster shots or the Speed Burner to hasten the transformation. Either way he'll reveal his true form and the real battle will begin.

  • Scrap Scatter (スクラップ-き撒らし): Morph Moth swings back and forth, throwing scrap as he goes.
  • Dash Scrap Scatter (ダッシュスクラップ-き撒らし): Morph Moth spins around in the scrap on the floor, throwing it as he goes.
  • Scrap Absorption (スクラップ吸収): Morph Moth vacuums up scrap from the walls in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern.

Part 2 - Moth

In this state, Moth will fly around the room dropping sparkling scale dust and will occasionally fire a colorful laser beam from his hands. If he stops above X and fires a laser, simply dash to avoid it. Just like his previous form, attack him with charged X-Buster shots or Speed Burner, and he'll go down without a problem.

  • Phosphorescent Powder (燐粉): Morph Moth glides, scattering sparkling scales behind himself.
  • Beam (ビーム): Morph Moth fires a rainbow laser beam from both hands downwards.

Other appearances


Mega Man X2 stats

  • Height: 214 cm (7 ft)
  • Weight: 128 kg (282 lbs)
  • Power: 3200rp
  • Speed: 8800rp


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Other media

Rockman X2 manga

When X investigates a scrapyard, Morph Moth created an illusion to make X see Reploids he had previously defeated as zombies in order to gain time and transform. X is nervous and has no idea what to do, but when he is attacked by a zombie Wire Sponge, he realizes something is wrong as Wire Sponge was still alive. Looking around, he notices Morph Moth hidden in the ceiling releasing a powder, and attacks him. This causes Morph Moth's illusion to fade, and the zombies that were attacking X are revealed to be Morph Moth's minions.

After taking care of the Mavericks, Morph Moth says that X's cowardice is regrettable and attacks with scrap. A piece of scrap enters the X-Buster when it is about to fire and damages it, and Morph Moth takes the opportunity to transform into his second form. But as X had gained the ability to use the X-Buster in each arm, he is able to fight. After a difficult battle, X manages to destroy Morph Moth with Speed Burner.

Rockman X Mega Mission 3

In the Carddass, he is revived as "Metamor Mothmeanos HL", with his beams becoming more powerful and being equipped with a Moth Saber. He and other three revived Hyper Limit Reploids disguised themselves as a vigilante group called Masquerades, with him using the alias, "Grün Metamo" (グリューン・メタモ). When they are invited to join the Hunters, they reveal their true nature and attack the Hunter Base. The four Mavericks are forced to retreat when Return X attacked them, and they later combine into Mix Forte.

Archie Comics

Morph Moth would subsequently appear in the Worlds Unite crossover event, which featured the Mega Man X series joining Archie's Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Boom titles and other Sega and Capcom franchises. Having been previously defeated by the Maverick Hunters, he was revived by Sigma-1 and added to an army of Mavericks who were soon dispatched to invade other worlds.





  • His stage is the one of the two in Mega Man X2 to not have either instant death spikes or bottomless pits. The other is Flame Stag's Volcanic Zone.
    • In addition, his stage is the only one in the whole game to have nonlethal spiked traps.
  • Morph Moth is the only enemy in the entire game who cannot be defeated in one shot using the Shoryuken. This is due to the fact that his health bar is split in two, and it only causes 16 hit points of damage to him in each form.
  • Morph Moth's bagworm-inspired nature is shared with Atetemino.


  1. Named Metamor Mothmenos in his Rockman X2 introduction and in R20 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works, and Metamor Mothmeanos in the Rockman X2 Stage Select and ending, in Rockman Memories, and in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.