Mosquitus (モスキータス Mosukītasu) is a giant bug sub-boss in Mega Man X3, appearing in the second stage of Dr. Doppler's lab, but only if Vile MK-II was destroyed earlier. Mega Man X can encounter it, but if the player battles and defeats it with Zero, X can gain the Z-Saber; the monster will catch him in a death grip and explode, leaving him severely injured. This causes Zero to be disabled for the rest of the game and pass his weapon onto X, but this will also result in the less-than-ideal of the two possible endings.

Mosquitus mainly attacks by throwing the spiked ball on its tail and diving on its target to suck energy. If the player avoids its dive attack, Mosquitus will suck the liquid from the tanks on the ground, changing its color. Depending on the color, it will cause a different effect on a tank when it dives again, releasing flames when red, acid when green, and gas when blue.

Although it is weak to the Spinning Blade, Mosquitus, while holding X, can be defeated in one hit with a charged Tornado Fang.

Other Media

Archie Comics

Mosquitus appears on the Variant Cover of Mega Man #40. It later makes its official debut in Mega Man #50, appearing as part of Sigma's army in Worlds Unite. Mosquitus fights alongside the Deadly SixPteranoidEregion, and many other Maverick minions.


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