Move Cannon (ムーブキャノン Mūbu Kyanon) is the sub-boss from Dynamo Man's stage in Mega Man & Bass. It has four parts: The two cannons with blue cores and the two hatches in the top. The cannons have three attacks: They launch green goo balls in arch from their top, and if it touches the floor, it will form a small pool that paralyzes the player if he steps on it; it fires small blue energy shots from below that slowly follows the player; and when both cannons stop moving and go to the same position, they will create a large laser between them and move up and down with it.

When damaged, the cannons will close its blue core to defend against attacks. If one or both of the cannons are destroyed, the hatches will create more, but they don't have an endless supply of cannons, and destroying four cannons released by the same hatch will destroy it. Destroying both hatches will cause the cannons present to be destroyed as well. Ice Wall can hit the hatches several times before falling or breaking, being possible to destroy each with three Ice Walls and also destroy the cannon below it in the last hit. In addition, the Spread Drill can also destroy an entire cannon in a SINGLE hit, but one has to be accurate and fire the drill directly into the center of their blue cores.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of damage in units that each canon hatch will receive from each Special Weapon from Mega Man & Bass.

Mega Man & Bass

Mega Buster Bass Buster Ice Wall Wave Burner Remote Mine Spread Drill Tengu Blade Magic Card Copy Vision Lightning Bolt Treble Boost
1:3 1:2 3 1 1 3:1:1 2:4:-- 1 2 1 2
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