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"Please help build a Net-society without any crime!"
—Mr. Famous to Lan, Mega Man Battle Network 3

Mr. Famous, known as Meijin (名人 "Expert") in Japan, is a character from the Mega Man Battle Network series. He is a NetBattle master that is said to have done a legendary 69 consecutive wins in the "World NetBattle Cup" (that is on hiatus). In order to train NetBattlers across the country, the Hikari Research Institute has sent him to various places[1]. Famous' aim is to raise the very best NetBattlers, challenging and teaching young NetBattlers valuable techniques and information in the process. Famous is said to be in his 20s[2].


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Mr. Famous has brown hair and wears glasses. In his debut on Mega Man Battle Network 2, he wears a orange mask, a white long coat, a green camouflage pants and yellow shoes (although in-game, he seemingly wears tan pants and brown shoes).

In Mega Man Battle Network 3 and 5, Famous wears a white coat, a orange shirt with the number "15" on it, a dark orange belt with Punk's Navi mark on it, dark green pants, and orange shoes with white soles.

In Mega Man Battle Network 4, Famous wears a long coat with black ends on each sleeve, a black-light blue shirt, black pants with light blue lining on each side, and blue shoes.

In his Mega Man Battle Network 6, Famous wears a white coat, yellow shirt with a number "18" on it, brown pants, green shoes with red linings.


Famous is the owner of several NetNavis, and the one he currently operates depends on his current mission[3]. It’s said the Virus Research Lab develops all sorts of Navis daily[4]. There are 4 Navis he uses in the games:

Except for Punk, who is based on a classic series Mega Man Killer, his other Navis were created by fans in a contest sponsored by Capcom.


Game History[]

Mr. Famous doesn't have much storyline significance and is usually an optional boss. He sometimes gives useful hints.

  • In Mega Man Battle Network 2, he is at the Marine Harbor and battles to prove himself. It’s said he has won 69 battles in a row before meeting Lan. He wears a mask over his face. Famous also has a program on DNN with Ribitta called "Ask Mr. Famous".
  • In Mega Man Battle Network 3, Mr. Famous is no longer using a mask and appears in Yoka in the Blue version only (he is replaced by his apprentice in the White version). He always gives hints and secrets before he battles with Punk. Unlike other Navi battles, defeating Punk will only give the player Zenny, regardless of Busting Rank, due to his chip being part of a Japanese-only event (though the Wii U re-release of the game allows US players to obtain it). If the player has the Collect Navi Customizer program installed, the battle will always yield no data.
  • In Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, he is sponsoring the Class X to Class Z Secret Tournaments. Although at first remaining oblivious to the player, his true motive is to lure Bass; as Bass will likely to show up in front of a very strong Navi: the winner of these Secret Tournaments. Using these tournaments, Mr. Famous intends to capture Bass and take advantage of his powers. He later appears as the final opponent in Class Y Tournament with GateMan as his Navi, to test the player. At the end of Class Z Tournament, Bass shows up as he had hoped, but blocks every outer connection except for the winning player's NetNavi, leaving Mr. Famous and the Tournament crews powerless. He finally gives up his ambition and places his trust to the player to defeat Bass.
  • In Mega Man Battle Network 4, he teaches kendo in NetFrica to teach the young people discipline and wears kendo equipment. Although he is Electopian[5], he ended up entering the Red Sun/Blue Moon Tournament as a representative of NetFrica. He is attacked by a former pupil of his who Mr. Famous defeated and sealed his skills some time ago. The former pupil incapacitates Mr. Famous and tries to delete KendoMan, but Lan and MegaMan save them both. At the tournament, he is defeated.


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Mr. Famous is a skilled scientist who works at SciLab, but in the first season, he went around helping people. He presents himself as the famous Mr. Famous, but many characters remark that they have never heard of him, disclaiming his supposed fame. Mr. Famous first helps Mr. Match when TorchMan is deleted and offers to use TorchMan's data to complete HeatMan, a NetNavi, he created. Mr. Match initially refuses, but agrees to avenge TorchMan.

Later, while MegaMan is in space, fighting against PlanetMan.EXE, he gives Lan the Extra Code, which gives MegaMan the AquaCustom Style which won him the battle.

After MegaMan NT Warrior, he plays a supporting role at SciLab and guides Lan, Chaud, and the Cross Fusion Members in defeating their various enemies.

Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

In Rockman EXE Stream episode 11, he is shown to enjoy collecting small figurines. Of his collection, there are a total of five Rockman figures and figures of other Navis including: Blues, Roll, Rush, AquaMan, IceMan, GutsMan, and NumberMan. There are also some virus figures which include Billy, three Metalls (two small and one extra large), an extra large "Swordra", a "Poward", a Kumonpe, and several others. The rest of his collection includes different types of aircraft and an assortment of various animals.

In Rockman EXE Beast, it is revealed that Makoto Aoki was his former girlfriend. It it shown that Famous still has feelings for Makoto, as he gets embarrassed when Makoto sticks too close to him.

Yamato Man


MegaMan NT Warrior[]


Mr. Famous in Mega Man NT Warrior (manga).

In the manga, Mr. Famous is in a group of skilled NetBattlers, and tests Lan and Chaud to see if they qualify for joining their group against the Dark energy. He uses a point system to tell how well they do and Punk.EXE as his NetNavi.

When DesertMan.EXE attacks the base, Mr. Famous and Punk let themselves become captured so Lan and MegaMan can defeat him. He is later put into a hospital, where Serenade.EXE visits Mr. Famous's mind; it appears the two have met before.

Battle Story MegaMan NT Warrior[]

Mr. Famous is a S Rank Official NetBattler. After the fall of the WWW, Mr. Famous, Masa, and Tamako saved Lan from the collapsing WWW Research Facility, and they warned Chaud about a new threat, Alpha. After MegaMan and GateMan destroy the viruses in the hospital Lan was recovering, Mr. Famous invites Lan to participate in a test to become a Private NetBattler, which he passes.




Eguchi in Famous' BN3 outfit.

  • Mr. Famous is based on one of the series writers, Masakazu Eguchi. He dresses up as "Eguchi Meijin" (江口名人) in promo materials and at Capcom events.[6]
    • All of Famous' footwear are based on whatever shoes Eguchi has his eye on at the moment he was asked.[7]
    • In the anime, Famous prefers not to be addressed formally, to not use the "Mister". This seems to have been influenced by Eguchi himself.[8]
    • Famous’ winning 69 battles in a row is a reference to Eguchi Meijin’s lore where he’s said to have win 69 multiplayer battles in a row. 69 battles is referenced again in Mega Man Battle Network 3’s multiplayer Tournament mode.
  • The number on Mr. Famous' shirt aligns with the Rockman's series anniversary year at the time of game's release. In the anime this was updated more frequently.
  • Mr. Famous created the Humor program for the Navi Customizer and he teamed up with Yuichiro Hikari to develop the Advanced PET.[9]
  • As Mr. Famous is an exclusively side character outside of the storyline, the only time he properly appears in a game's cutscene is in Mega Man Battle Network 4.
  • According to a Dev Q&A, in Battle Network 6, Famous works in the chip shop so he can train even stronger battlers. Through selling BattleChips that are effective in NetBattles (PvP battles), he can level up the NetBattlers in Cyber City[10].


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