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Mr. Hertz Square is a small area in Mega Man Star Force 3. It is connected to the National WAZA HQ via a small satellite dish located above the Waveliner station. The area bears a strong resemblance to small Cyber Core areas.

Within Mr. Hertz Square are a single Mr. Hertz which will inform Mega Man of how many Mr. Hertzes he has rescued to date, the Mr. Hertzes he has rescued, as well as one large Mr. Hertz who will offer to exchange rewards based on the number of Hertzes rescued.

Many Mr.Hertz will also wander around this square, the amount depending on how many were rescued, and they usually talk about their experiences before getting ambushed by an EM Virus.

There are no viruses in this area.

Shop Items

Item Name LinkPower Hertz Item Name LinkPower Hertz Item Name LinkPower Hertz
HP+3004207Float Shoes30012Reflect2604
No Flash3008No Gravity5009No Paralyze80013
No Freeze80013No Bubble8007Mega Class +144012
Mega Class +140018

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