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Mr. Match, known as Kenichi Hino (火野ケンイチ), or Hinoken for short in Japan, is a character and former antagonist in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime. He is the operator of TorchMan.EXE and also operated HeatMan.EXE for a short time. Originally a member of the World Three with Maddy, Count Zap, and Yahoot and an enemy of Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, Match and his fellow World Three members eventually become more law abiding citizens, despite their wishes to continue their criminal ways.


Mr. Match and TorchMan in the first season intro.

Like his video game counterpart, Mr. Match has the honor of being the first villain Lan faces as a World Three agent. Unlike his video game counterpart however, after the World Three falls Match never returns to his criminal ways in the anime, despite wishing to, and instead assists Lan and MegaMan against the various other criminal organizations. While Match does operate HeatMan for a short time, he never becomes the operator of FlameMan in the show, who instead appears as a Zoanoroid in Beast. Despite Match and HeatMan appearing in Mega Man Battle Network 6 as Link Navis, they have no role in Beast or Beast+ besides a cameo from Match.

True to his nature as a Fire-type Navi operator, Mr. Match has a short temper and a fiery passion. As an arsonist for the WWW, Mr. Match was a persistent villain who vowed to defeat Lan and MegaMan and cause chaos and confusion for the real and cyberworld. However after the defeat of the WWW, Yahoot opens #1 Curry where Mr. Match becomes the delivery man, and seems to quickly become a more civil character, aiding Lan on several occasions and serving him and his friends at the restaurant, ultimately becoming more of a friend and ally to the heroes as the series goes on. Despite this, he and his fellow WWW members wish for the return of Mr. Wily and the revival of WWW, though they are unaware their leader does not wish the same.

He is a skilled fire dancer, and often takes vacations at tropical locations where he puts on shows.

In the English dub, he speaks with a Scottish accent.


MegaMan NT Warrior

Mr. Match in the first episode of the series.

Mr. Match is the first villain Lan and MegaMan fight in the series as an arsonist under the direction of Mr. Wily. Despite a successful string of attacks by setting the oven in people's homes on fire, Mr. Match and TorchMan.EXE are stopped when a newly programmed MegaMan stops TorchMan's fire-type viruses in Lan's house. Mr. Wily orders Match to delete the Navi if he comes across him again, and later, when TorchMan sets Maylu Sakurai’s house on fire through her oven, MegaMan and TorchMan duel, but Mr. Match logs TorchMan out after MegaMan cuts off his left arm. Jack In! MegaMan!

Match, Maddy, and Count Zap are scolded for their failures by Mr. Wily, and the three hatch a plan together to make an aquarium full of robotic fish go out of control, but they are stopped by Lan and MegaMan again. Robotic Fish Gone Wild!

Depressed due to his defeat at MegaMan's hands, Match tries to reignite his burning passion and sends TorchMan to start overheating various electronics around the city trying to get MegaMan's attention, but Lan and MegaMan are oblivious to this due to a fight they had with Maylu and Roll. Match tries to contact them directly with a formal challenge, but TorchMan gives the challenge to Roll and GutsMan instead in hopes that they would give it to MegaMan, but Roll shows up instead. MegaMan eventually shows up and him and TorchMan fight and he nearly deletes MegaMan before Roll manages to beat TorchMan and Match jacks him out. Hot Tempers!

Wily scolds the World Three agents for failing again and is about to punish them before he is stopped by Yahoot, who calls them useless and unleashes his own scheme using hypnosis on TV to make people believe they’re are animals, which also ends up hypnotizing Match and the others as well. The Yoga Warrior!

Match and the others are then ordered to participate in the N1 Grand Prix to make the World Three known, and they have upgraded their Navis in preparation. N1 Grand Prix! They watch Lan's match against Miyu and SkullMan where he hopes Lan wins so can defeat him himself. When Lan wins, Match vows that it is time to get his revenge. Skullmania!

Lan and Match begin their battle and fight on even terms, and Match tells Lan that after their second defeat they went through intense training with mutual goal of defeating Lan and MegaMan. As the fight continued, Match looks up at the sun and laughed to himself that they have no idea what's in store for them. Wacky Madness & Blazing Battles! (Part 1) MegaMan appears to be winning, but Match uses a Battle Chip that summons viruses into the coliseum's system, causing the solar panels to aim at the sun which concentrates all of the coliseum's solar energy inside the dome and closes environmental shutters, powering up TorchMan significantly and heating the dome, especially around the terminal, up to a dangerous temperature. This nearly works and MegaMan is nearly deleted, but Yai, Dex, and Tory delete Match's viruses and the dome goes back to normal. Lan and MegaMan make a comeback and defeat Match and TorchMan, eliminating them from the tournament. Wacky Madness & Blazing Battles! (Part 2)

Match watches the battles between MagicMan and MegaMan and ProtoMan and ElecMan. The Legendary Program Advance! When he learns about StoneMan and BlasterMan, he is offended that he was never told about them and watches GutsMan and WoodMan go up against them, hoping StoneMan and BlasterMan lose so he and the others can laugh at them. He is surprised to learn that the two mysterious World Three Navis are solo NetNavis. The Solo NetNavis! He then watches Lan and Commander Beef take the two solo NetNavis on, impressed by their plan to delete MegaMan and SharkMan. Something's Fishy with Commander Beef! When the chance to re-enter the tournament is presented with the consolation match, Match and Maddy sneak into where the chance program that is deciding who gets to re-enter the tournament is and force the programs inside the choose TorchMan and WackoMan. The two go up against Lan and Maylu where Match and Maddy conflict with each other, but they turn the situation around when Maylu uses the Twisted Chip, corrupting Roll to their side. Evil Empress Roll! (Part 1) Match and Maddy continue to fight each other throughout the match and get nervous when Mr. Higsby arrives and helps Maylu free Roll of the Twisted Chip's corruption. Roll and MegaMan then eliminate Match and TorchMan from the tournament for good. Evil Empress Roll! (Part 2)

Later, Match starts working as a construction worker to earn money in order to follow Lan to Jyawaii and challenge him, declaring he has trained for this moment as he is scolded for not working. He watches as Maddy sings "Install Your Heart" by Aki. To Become An Idol! Match arrives in Jyawaii after Lan already left however, forcing him to work as a fire dancer to earn more money as Lan's friend watch on cheering. He shouts to Lan to wait for him, MegaMan Stolen! though he is one step behind again as he arrives in Heaven City after Lan has left. He works at the food stand where Lan met Shan and his friends where they demand their food as Match yells to Lan to wait for him again. SnakeMan's Survival Seven Match then attempts to follow Lan to Kingland but accidentally boards a plane to Namaste instead. He throws a fit as he argues with the stewardess before peering out the window cursing Lan's name. Don't Mess with Mama Zap!

Ending up in Namaste ended up being a stroke of fortunate however, as Match reunites with Yahoot, Count Zap and Maddy and learns that Lan is in Namaste himself. The ex-World Three members use a machine that scans their brain waves and computes their level of team work, making a curry dish that's tastier the better they work together, but their curry tastes awful. The four challenge Lan and MegaMan in hopes of defeating him and reviving the World Three, and the quality of the curry improves, but Lan's friends come to aid him, and they defeat the World Three. Yahoot's mansion explodes and Match and the others find out Yahoot just wanted to learn how to make more delicious curry and attack him. The Great Curry Battle

When Grave uses robotic penguins to freeze over DenTech City, MegaMan is overpowered by FreezeMan but is saved by the arrival of HeatMan, who declares he has a score to settle with the latter. MegaMan question who HeatMan is, and HeatMan states the next time they meet they will be enemies. At the end of the episode it is revealed HeatMan's operator is Mr. Match. DenTech City's Deep Freeze!

A flashback reveals that Mr. Match and TorchMan had attempted to take out Grave's virus factory on their own, but TorchMan is heavily damaged by the time MegaMan and his friends find him. Match watches as FreezeMan prepares to delete TorchMan and helps him escape, but FreezeMan catches up to him and deletes him, electrocuting Match and putting him in the hospital as well. Match awakens to see that TorchMan has been deleted and finds the remains of his data stored in a capsule. Match reminiscences about TorchMan as he comrades try to comfort him, and he asks to be left alone. As Match falls into despair, Mr. Famous arrives and tells Match the only way to save TorchMan is to transfer his battle data to HeatMan. Match is at first offended and tries to leave, but his friends talk him into it. TorchMan's battle data is transferred to HeatMan, and the two fend off FreezeMan, as seen in the previous episode. Crimson Flash!

Match and Count Zap are flabbergasted when Maddy joins Grave. The two later sulk. Match and the others are surprised when Maddy comes back to #1 Curry and brings a Mr. Wily statue with her. Working for Grave

The ex-World Three members gather when their PETs crash and are surprised when Mr. Wily appears on their screens. They learn that Wily, who is presumed dead, has stored his personality on a Battle Chip and chase Rush when he overhears the news and goes to warn Lan and his friends, though he escapes. They hijack a helicopter by flooding airport office with curry but are chased by Lan and the others, and the two groups play hot potato for Mr. Wily's chip at the defunct World Three base. Gauss Magnus arrives and Match and the others are shocked when Count Zap apparently betrays them for his brother, but this is a ruse so Zap could fight Gauss one-on-one. When Gauss's blimp crashes, Match and others presume Count Zap died and mourn for him, though he actually survived. Mr. Wily's Legacy!

The ex-World Three members then take part in the NetMobile Grand Prix despite Lan's initial protests and the Net Agents taking part to keep an eye on them, using a steam locomotive to race with. During the race they remodel their train into a bullet train powered by ElecMan and begin attacking the other racers, but they are taken out of the race when the Net Agent's car pulls back into the race in front of them, totaling both cars. The NetMobile Grand Prix!

Later, Match and Zap are battling paper cut outs of their Navis against each other to see who has to be the delivery boy for #1 Curry, which Match wins. The VirusBeast!

Match tries to pump Count Zap and Maddy back up as they fall into depression as they realize Grave has taken over the World Three's place as the one causing chaos in society and runs off the make more deliveries for the restaurant where he is contacted by Mr. Famous. Famous completes HeatMan's full abilities and the two go to defeat FreezeMan once and for all. Grave (episode)

When HeatMan and FreezeMan get into a stalemate, Famous urges Match to use the Extra Code he gave him. Match uses the code, and HeatMan deletes FreezeMan, avenging TorchMan. Bass (episode)

Match and the other ex-World Three members attend a party Yai holds so Maysa could try to get Ms. Mari's attention, where Match shows off his fire dancing skills. The NetBattle of the Hearts!

Match and the others call Lan and his friends traitors when a noodle restaurant opens up across the street from #1 Curry and everyone begins to eat there. In order to draw Lan and co. back, they offer them free curry, and they each eat 50 plates as Match angrily serves them, letting them use the net after they finish eating. Later, Saburou and NoodleMan.EXE hack into #1 Curry and begin causing chaos. They marvel as Chisao, Dex's younger brother, overpowers them with NoodleMan, and confront Dex when they come to see what is happening. They realize that Chisao is being used by Saburou and seeks them out and beats him. Match prepares to get back at Saburou, but Lan stops them and reminds them of curry udon, which uses both restaurant's specilties. The ex-World Three members and Saburou reconcile, but the noodle company soon goes out of business. Chisao's in Town!

Match returns from deliveries when he finds Yahoot, Maddy, and Count Zap on the ground. They quickly scramble on his delivery van to chase after a man who stole the restaurant's electricity, but the weight of the four causes it to topple. Later, they find the man and capture him and bring him back to Chaud Blaze, where they demand compensation for the curry they ruined. The boss of the company offers them the data the man stole and they drag him away. From Here to Revolutionary PETs

Sometime later Match and the others move to Jyawaii when they make enough money to open a second restaurant and Match volunteers to be the delivery boy again. At the end of the episode, Yuichiro Hikari's dimensional experiment goes haywire again at #2 Curry, destroying the building and attacking the ex-World Three members. Virus Busters!

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Mr. Match in Axess.

Mr. Match returns to DenTech City in pursuit of VineMan.EXE. When he learns the Darkloid has already arrived when VineMan shuts down the rail system, he jacks HeatMan in to find him. HeatMan catches up with VineMan fighting MegaMan and saves him while Match catches up with Lan and Maylu. In the now-closed #1 Curry, Match tells Lan that WackoMan, ElecMan, and MagicMan were all captured by VineMan’s plants and that HeatMan barely escaped himself. Mr. Famous arrives having brought equipment that Match asked for to repair HeatMan, and Match gives Lan a tracking signal they managed to place on VineMan before HeatMan logged out, telling him he will catch up when HeatMan is repaired. While repairing HeatMan, Match sees the silhouette of TorchMan and Famous states that TorchMan’s data has been living inside HeatMan, and begins reformatting HeatMan’s data to separate the two.

The revived TorchMan saves MegaMan and MegaMan gains Torch Soul, and the two fight together and delete VineMan. Match thanks Famous for reviving TorchMan, and Lan thanks Match for his help in deleting VineMan, and Mr. Match replies that it was his pleasure. The CyberGarden of Doom![1]

Having apparently "trained" Dex and GutsMan to take on Lan and MegaMan with his fellow World Three members, Match sends Dex back to DenTech City, although this is merely a ruse to get him out of their hair, as he was useless around the restaurant. Dex however returns at the end of the episode, much to the frustration of him and the others. Dex Returns!

Later on when Dex returns to #2 Curry with the "Net Wrecker", a strange device that he bought from the shady salesman, Match and Yahoot scold him for taking it in exchange for not collecting the storekeeper's three month old tab. Match tells Yahoot to let it go and that he will collect the tab tomorrow. Dex tries out the Net Wrecker and Match fetches him when GutsMan grows to a massive size and starts causing trouble and tells him to stop using it when Dex shows him what he did. Yahoot suggests keeping the Net Wrecker to defeat Lan, who is coming to Jyawaii, but Match wonders if their Navis can handle it. When Lan arrives, Match prepares Dex for his battle, and watches as GutsMan goes out of control, sending TorchMan in an attempt to stop him. The Incredible Guts!

He makes a cameo in the ending credits of the season finale.

Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Stream

Hinoken in Stream episode 34.

When Takeo Inukai’s accomplices attempt to get away with a new batch of Dark Chips they were attempting to smuggle, Mahajarama reveals that Hinoken had been on vacation near where they were docking and stopped them. Wish Upon a Star...

Later on, he stops by Maha Ichiban and compliments Dekao on his curry, stating it’s even worth coming over seas to eat. Yaito stops by on her rocket and takes Dekao and Dingo to make curry for her party and takes Hinoken along as well, who states it’s like being kidnapped and that people with money seem to do what they want. Yaito tells him if he wants to go home, they can give her a refund for the 64,800 plates of curry she ordered, and Hinoken quickly relents. When Yaito reveals the party is a contest for the girl with the most beautiful forehead, Hinoken wonders if winning this would really make anyone happy. He later assists in making the curry.

Hinoken in Stream episode 37 next to Dekao.

When CloudMan.EXE and BlizzardMan.EXE attack the Yaito Memorial Dome, Hinoken tells Netto and Nenji Rokushakudama that they can’t plug-in unless they melt the ice covering the port, so Nenji gets into a fight with NapalamMan.EXE to make him heat up Nenji’s PET, using it to thaw the ice. Nenji, Netto, Hinoken, Dekao, and Dingo all plug-in to combat the Darkloids, and despite having the advantage over them, Dark Rockman summons Dimensional Converters and CloudMan and BlizzardMan form in the real world. BlizzardMan attacks Dekao, Dingo, and Hinoken before Netto cross fuses and repels them.

Hinoken is a guest at the event, where Yaito is chosen as the girl with the most beautiful forehead, though Hinoken points out that all of the other party guests are employees or relatives of employees of Gabcom, Yaito’s company. He then watches the fireworks with the rest of the guests. Offering of Deko Fireworks

He is with the other original WWW members as they watch in disgust as the Neo WWW cause destruction with massive viruses materialized in the real world by Asteroid VideoMan.EXE. Unbeknownst to them, Dr. Wily had been the sole customer at the restaurant, and tells them that they will show the Neo WWW the wrath of the original organization. Hinoken, Madoi, Mahajarama, and Dingo go to the car museum and get the Dimensional Area cars, and bring them to Wily and prepare them for use. The original WWW members, Dingo, and Dekao arrive just in time to save Netto, and activate a Dimensional Area for him to use. Wily reflects that his WWW has matured a bit before disappearing, much to Hinoken and the other’s distress. Cross Fusion Impossible!

Hinoken in his swimsuit; pink swimming trunks, briefs cut.

When the Cross Fusion Members go to a “training camp” on the beach, it is revealed that Mahajarama set up a "Seaside Maha Ichiban", and Hinoken and the others were there on a business trip, joining several other cast members on a vacation. Hinoken watches on in disgust as Netto eats "curry ice", a cross between shaved ice and curry that Dekao invented. Later in the episode he flees from the "haunted mansion" (which was really Dr. Hikari's "test of courage) with the others, only to have been spit out at the hot springs nearby with the rest of the cast. Hinoken and the cast then enjoys the hot springs. This is his last appearance in the anime where he has a role beyond a cameo. Summer! The Sea! Training Camp!

After the world is saved from Duo.EXE, Hinoken is seen watching Dark Miyabi eat curry alongside the other WWW members at Maha Ichiban. Toward a New Future

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Hinoken is mentioned in episode 11, where Mahajarama talks about him working at MaHa Niban in Jyawaii. Ann Electel arrives searching for Count Elec, and Hinoken, believing she would not make the effort to come to MaHa Ichiban, told her where he was, much to his distress.

In the series finale, Hinoken and Mahajarama are scolding Count Elec when they and the rest of the world are turned into data by Cache. He is restored when Netto and Rockman defeat Cache. Netto + Rockman

Yamato Spear

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  1. In the dub, Match mutters that while they worked together this time, now that he has TorchMan back next time he will defeat Lan and MegaMan. In the original Japanese version, Match merely sates that it was his pleasure.