For his Beyondard counterpart, see Dr. Wily (Beyondard). For his video game counterpart, see Lord Wily. For other incarnations of the character, see Wily (disambiguation).

Mr. Wily known as Dr. Wily (Dr.ワイリー Dokutā Wairi) in Japan, is an antagonist and later neutral ally in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. The leader of the original World Three, he was the main antagonist of the First Area of the first season, and the mastermind behind the Grave Crime Syndicate in the Second Area.


Mr. Wily in the first season's intro.

Like his video game counterpart, Mr. Wily formed the World Three to cause chaos in the real and cyberworlds to create fear and panic in others, and was behind the Grave Crime Syndicate like his video game counterpart was behind Gospel. However, rather than seeking to create the Life Virus, Mr. Wily instead sought out PharaohMan for his Ultimate Program, and takes a more proactive role in Grave, rather than staying in the shadows before Sean Obihiro revealed his role. In the video game series, Wily revives the World Three two more times before finding redemption, however in the anime, Wily disappears after the original World Three and Grave are defeated, and later becomes a neutral though helpful ally of Lan Hikari against several threats. In the games, Dr. Wily helped Dr. Regal, his biological son, find redemption using the SoulNet, and is the adopted father of Baryl. In the anime, Regal is his adopted son along with Ms. Yuri, and Wily seemingly has very little care about Regal, stating that Regal is a dangerous and unstable man and focuses on his relationship with Ms. Yuri. He is an old friend of Barrel, and is not the creator or Iris or Colonel. While Wily was behind the Cybeast incident in the video games, a Beyondard version of him was behind the plot instead.

During the first season of the anime, Mr. Wily is a mad scientist out to cause chaos and destruction in the real and cyberworlds.

In his youth, he was a brilliant scientist for the Ameroupe Army.

In Beast+, it is revealed the Professor opened a sushi restaurant name after him: Wily's Sushi.


MegaMan NT Warrior

He appears in episode 49.

He appears in episode 50.

He appears in episode 51.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess


Rockman.EXE Stream

Wily (young) in episode 50.

He appears in episode 1.

He appears in episode 36.

He appears in episode 43.

He appears in episode 47.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

He appears in episode 8.

He appears in episode 9.

He appears in episode 10.

Dr. Wily last appears in the series finale being turned into cached data by Cache while drinking with Miyabi. He and the rest of the world are restored when C.F. Rockman destroys Cache. Netto + Rockman

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