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The MrWeatherComp abbreviated as MrWeathrComp is the network located inside Sky Town's Mr. Weather in MegaMan Battle Network 6. It is hijacked by ElementMan.EXE in order to acquire its Force Program.


MrWeatherComp is designed like a forecasting room, full of weather-related technology and global forecasts on the background. Upon entering any of the areas they will be filled with downpouring rain caused by typhoon viruses while a large cloud blocks the path.

For the player to progress they must gather 7 Rainbow Data fragments scattered all around the map. The tricky part is that they are all on the "Upper" part of the map which requires riding a cloud to navigate. The cloud can only take 3 hits from the typhoons before dissipating leaving MegaMan to fall to the floor below. The gauge at the upper right of the screen will show the player the pieces gathered.

Once all pieces are gather the player must chase the typhoons, hold the A button and encircle them in rainbow orbs, doing so will dispel the typhoons, however they can move quite erratically at times making this task tougher. Once all typhoons are vanished, the player can proceed.


When the weather all over Cyber City is thrown into disarray, Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE decide to go to Sky Town having witnessed Iris on TV being there. Upon reaching Mr. Weather they find it hacked by Vic who attempts to steal the Force Program if it could mean that Sky Town would lose its energy source and plummet down to Earth.

Lan jacks MegaMan in and battle ElementMan who is defeated. Vic attempts to escape using a blinding grenade, however he is catched up by Mr. Weather's robotic hands. Unfortunately Colonel.EXE who was using a nearby CopyBot is able to slash at Mr. Weather with his sword arm. He then takes aim at Lan and attempts to kill him but Iris comes in between halting the Colonel from attacking and forcing his retreat.

Iris then fixes Mr. Weather and prevents Sky Town from falling down.

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