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Mukamukade (ムカムカデ Mukamukade) is a large centipede-like robot. It comes out of holes in the walls inside the passages it appears in, and winds through the passage before leaving the passage. They appear in Ground Man's stage.

Mukamukade B

Mukamukade B (ムカムカデB) is a black Mukamukade with improved endurance that appears in the first King Stage.

Mother Mukamukade

Mother Mukamukade (親ムカムカデ) is the sub-boss of Ground Man's stage. It is a bigger and upgraded Mukamukade. It winds through the walls of its arena either in a waving pattern, or digs in a vertical pattern. It also can stick its head through its arena's roof and its tail from the floor, and make its tail release capsules which open to reveal tiny centipede robots.


  • "Mukade" is Japanese for centipede. Also, "mukamuka" means "surge of anger", which fits with their angry expressions.
  • The kanji 親 can mean mother, father and parent. As it is a robot and technically has no gender, it's unknown which word would be better to translation. However, "mother" would be a more accurate translation as it can release miniature versions of itself.