"Robots have no friends, poser!"

Multi Man is one of the Robot Masters featured in Dreamwave Production's Mega Man comic mini-series. Multi Man is capable of creating dozens of clones at a time. Multi Man's clones deploy from a compartment in his torso, the clones can in turn produce clones from their torsos reminiscent of a Matryoshka doll. His compartment can also be used to capture smaller robots. He has no weapon of his own: instead he uses the combined strength of his clones to overwhelm his foes. He is also able to fly and can crush objects with his weight.

Multi Man went to Dr. Light's Laboratory to capture Mega Man, and after creating three copies, one manages to lock him inside his body. While flying away, Mega Man tries to free himself, and after causing a small opening he uses a charge shot to destroy the Multi Man holding him. The other two Multi Mans start making copies, resulting in an unfair match. However, a mysterious red robot appears to assist Mega Man, the two managing to destroy several Multi Mans. After a long battle, the remaining Multi Mans retreat, and the red robot leaves without revealing who he is.

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