Murian, known as "Errand" (エランド Erando) in Japan, is an enemy from Mega Man Star Force 2 that originated from Mu.

Murian Family

Murians come in two different forms always carrying a sword and a shield.

The first kind is grey-ish with red markings and orange EM energies. They can be used for attack or to EM Wave Change with EM Beings, as shown with the UMAs Yeti, Plesio, and Condor.

The second kind are elemental Murians used to fight. They come in different colors and elements. The red ones are fire, the yellow ones are elec, the green ones are wood, the blue are aqua and finally the purple ones are null.

Murian HP
Murian 180
MurianG 250
Murian Blue 230
Murian BlueG 330
Murian Green 230
Murian GrnG 330
Murian Red 230
Murian RedG 330
Murian Yellow (Murian Yllw) 230
Murian YllwG 330
Murian Purple (Murian Prple) 300
Murian PrpleG 400

Attack set

  • Murians swipe the field Mega Man is standing on with an sword slash.
  • If Mega Man attacks while they're idle, they will hold their shields to block the attack.
  • Murians fire a colored beam (based on their element) from their chest.

Battle Card

Murians don't drop Battle Cards, but they appear in the Guardian Battle Card.

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