The Nakkai Desert (ナッカイの砂漠 Nakkai no Sabaku) is a location from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, a desert in area D-2 of Ryship Island. The Nakkai Ruins (ナッカイの遺跡 Nakkai no Iseki) is located in the desert, where the legendary treasure of Diana's Tear is supposed to rest. Teisel Bonne paid a lot of money to a junk store owner for information about the location of the ruins, and went searching to it with Bon Bonne and six Servbots in hope to find Diana's Tear and pay his debt to Lex Loath, but he is captured by Glyde in front of the ruins' Sub-Gate. Tron Bonne retrieves the Servbots and the damaged Gustaff.

Later, Tron Bonne can return to the ruins to explore them. The Bonne Bazooka is needed to successfully go through this level fully and defeat the boss. The Nakkai Ruins is the only location of the game that can be revisited as many times as the player wish, even after completing it by defeating the boss and obtaining "Diana's Tear". This is actually beneficial for players that don't have the amount of Zenny required to pay Loath after completing all missions, since the area retains its level of Zenny which amounts to about 400,000 when fully explored and Tron manage to snag every single Zenny amounts from the Reaverbots, which the player can repeat to accumulate Zenny.


Nakkai Desert

Nakkai Ruins


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