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Namagem is a character in the TV show Mega Man: Fully Charged, first appearing in the episode Lightfall Part II. He is a mysterious lieutenant who works for Sgt. Night/Lord Obsidian. Promotional materials describe him as the misguided twin brother of Mega Man who's under the influence of Sergeant Breaker Night, making him similar to Proto Man from the classic games.


Namagem's design is similar to that of Sgt. Night/Lord Obsidian, but has black and yellow armor, a different mask/helmet, (what seems to be) an arm cannon, and is the same size as Aki Light/Mega Man. His design has elements of both Bass and Zero.


Like Mega Man, Namagem can copy and use Robot Masters' weapons, though he can store more than three at a time.



  • Namagem's name is "Mega Man" spelled backwards.
  • Namagem and Aki Light/Mega Man share the same voice actor.
  • His color scheme and design could be a reference to Bass.