Namagem is a character in the TV show Mega Man: Fully Charged, first appearing in the episode Lightfall Part II.  He is Mega Man's misguided twin brother who was a mysterious lieutenant working for Sgt. Night/Lord Obsidian until Sgt. Night was unmasked and arrested for his crimes. In The Gauntlet Part II, it was revealed that Dr. Light is his real father and that Night had kidnapped him near the end of the Hard Wars; this led to Namagem turning against Night.


Orignal/Mega Man Form

When it was revealed that he was Aki's brother, his armor changed to resemble Mega Man's armor much more closely, but his right eye was red and his left eye was still light lavender, and the huge thin scar on the left side of his face was still there. In the flashback of his creation, his armor was the same as Mega Man's, but was yellow. There is also an additional fin-like object on his helmet as well, which is identical to Mega Man's super form. He also has a paler skin tone.

Namagem Form

Namagem's design is similar to that of Sgt. Night/Lord Obsidian, but has black and yellow armor, a different mask/helmet, an arm cannon on his right arm instead of his left, and is the same size as Aki Light/Mega Man. His design has elements of both Bass and Zero. As shown in Enemy of my Enemy, Namagem has light lavender eyes and a huge thin scar on the left side of his face. He only has one jet blade on his back that he instead uses as a boomerang instead of a laser gun.


He is aggressive, prideful, and impatient. He was loyal to Sgt. Night, but his insubordinate attitude sometimes drove him to disobey Sgt. Night, as seen when he went out to challenge Mega Man against his master's orders. Although he was friendly to his boss, he secretly fears his Lord Obsidian form. In Enemy of my Enemy, he and Fire Man held a grudge against each other. In The Gauntlet Part II when he leaned the truth about all of Night's lies, he became devested and and called himself a monster; he also even more vengful than before towards his brother for having a better life than him while he was being used as a tool by Night.


Like his brother, Namagem can copy and use Robot Masters' weapons, though he can store more than three at a time.

Air Man Wind Cannon/Air Shooter
Fire Man Flame Cannon/Fire Storm
Wave Man Water Cannon/Water Wave
Elec Man Electric Discharge/Thunder Beam
Ice Man Ice Cannon/Ice Slasher
Guts Man Seismic Wave
Hypno Woman Dream Manipulation
Cut Man Scissor Boomerangs/Rolling Cutter

Although he has the same power-copying ability as Mega Man, it seems that Namagem has only copied the powers of Robot Masters who are allied with Sgt. Night. It's unknown if he has access to the schematics of Wood Man since he is not allied with Sgt. Night. Although Drill Man and Chemistry Man are affiliated with Breaker, Namagem does not have their schematics. It is unknown how Namagem got the Ice Man and Hypno Woman schematics since neither of them have ever worked with Sgt. Night.

It's also unknown if Namagem suffers the same side effects as Aki, who sometimes behaves like the robots he replicated their powers from.

Like the Mega Buster, Namagem's arm cannon can suffer from overcharging and overheating if used continuously without a break. If he is continuously attacked, his mask can fall away, revealing part of his face.



  • Namagem's name is "Mega Man" spelled backwards.
    • Further emphasizing the connection between the two, Namagem and Aki Light/Mega Man share the same voice actor, that being Vincent Tong.
      • Even when Namagem's helmet is fully removed, his voice sounds almost identical to Mega Man's, but slightly deeper.
  • Namagem’s character appears to be an amalgamation of Proto Man and Bass; he is the brother of Mega Man initially under the influence of the main antagonist who often disregards his boss’s orders. Namagem also shares Bass’s color scheme and eye color, and his desire to prove he's stronger than Mega Man.
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