The Navigator (ナビゲーター Nabigētā) is an unnamed character in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. She is a mass produced Reploid model that acts as the navigator for Mega Man X as he fights to stop Sigma’s rebellion. This pink-haired model is superior compared to the similar blue-haired model, functioning at a slightly higher level, and as such there are fewer of this model in the Hunter Base.[3]


The Day of Σ

In The Day of Σ, she briefed X and Zero, alongside the other Maverick Hunters, about discovering the location of the hack source for a Maverick Mechaniloid attack that morning, and that Sigma had ordered for them to be dispatched to the location. She later informed them of Vile's escape from prison just as they were about to deal with another Maverick attack. She later lost connection to Sigma, and then informed them that Sigma disappeared, and that they should head to the missile base to investigate due to tracing the recent hack attack from that location. She later discovered alongside the other navigators an unauthorized missile launch from the missile base, and worked to trace the missile's target. She ultimately discovered, to her horror, that the target of all the missiles was in fact Abel City.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

In the main game, she acted as X's navigator, informing him about the insurgency in Central Highway, telling him to dispatch of Sigma's eight supporters, and afterwards telling X that Zero managed to trace Sigma's main base of operations.

Other appearances

She was briefly seen in a flashback to the events of the Day of Sigma in "The Choice" b-story in Mega Man #50 by Archie Comics during Worlds Unite. She only has one line in the comic, where she tells Zero that she hasn't gotten any responses from either Flame Mammoth or the rest of the 4th Overland Unit, and then interrupts herself and mentions getting reports that Launch Octopus as well as his 6th Marine Unit may have joined the then-recently-turned Maverick Sigma, to Zero's shock.



  • There were early concepts made of a female operator Reploid for the first Mega Man X. The addition of this navigator in its remake may be a nod to this.[4]


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