Nebula's Great Invasion!
MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode 35 (34)
Air date June 5, 2004 (Japan)
August 20, 2005 (America)
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Wanted: PrismMan
The New PET
Opening Theme Futatsu no Mirai
Ending Theme Hikari Todoku Basho

Nebula's Great Invasion! (ネビュラ大侵攻! Nebyura dai shinkō!) is the 35th episode of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. In the English dub, it is the 34th episode of the season.


MegaMan is heavily damaged from his battle with a Cross Fused Misaki, and so Raoul, who has come to DenTech City chasing a Darkloid named BrightMan, and Raika aid the NetPolice. While Lan helps with rebuilding his Navi at SciLab, Raoul and Raika must overcome their differences to defeat several Darkloids together.


The beginning scene is from the previous episode, where MegaMan’s core had been destroyed while he and Lan were in Cross Fusion. Lan goes to his cracked PET where it had fallen on the ground, and briefly talks to his Navi before communication is cut off due to the damage.

Lan goes to SciLab, where MegaMan is being worked on. His father assures him that his Navi would be fine. Later, he meets his friends Maylu, Tory, Chisao, and Rush after school. He is surprised to see Raoul a bit later. Raoul explains that he was pursuing BrightMan, a Darkloid that had deleted a Navi of one of his friends. Tory then receives an urgent message that the waterworks was being attacked.

Elsewhere, Dark ProtoMan asks LaserMan if anything would be needed to be done about the Darkloids, since the latter had not ordered them to do anything. However, LaserMan merely responds to let them continue to cause chaos in order to make their owns goals easier to achieve.

Raoul’s Navi, ThunderMan, battles the Darkloid at the waterworks, BrightMan. ThunderMan demonstrates a new powerful technique, but to Raoul’s frustration, BrightMan again escapes. Meanwhile, FridgeMan is causing chaos at the power plant, including freezing all of the Net Police Navis sent to stop him. He is then attacked by SearchMan. However, like BrightMan, FridgeMan also escapes.

Raoul is introduced to Chief Keifer and Manuela. Although he turns down the opportunity to become an honorary Net Saver, he agrees to help Lan. Raika then comes, and he and Raoul argue over the reason they fight for justice, and of Raoul’s status as only a civilian.

Dr. Hikari then calls for Lan, stating that he is needed at SciLab immediately. After he leaves, the oil refinery is attacked by BrightMan and FridgeMan. Back in the human world, Chief Keifer tells Raoul and Raika to go there to stop BrightMan and FridgeMan.

At SciLab, Dr. Hikari explains to his son that parts of MegaMan’s program were too damaged to be rebuilt, and so he wanted to try Cross Fusion as an aid to recreate the missing data. Meanwhile, an explosion has occurred at the oil refinery from too much pressure in a pipe. Both Raoul and Raika find their own ways around the resulting flames. The Darkloids there then cause metal beams to fall toward them, barely missing Raoul, and trapping Raika. Raoul decides to help his companion, much to Raika’s chagrin.

They both make it to the refinery, only to be trapped inside with the threat of an explosion. Both of them jack in their Navis to find the Net Police Navis there defeated. Afterword, four Darkloids arrive to fight them, including BrightMan and FridgeMan.

At first the Navis have trouble with them, but are eventually able to get the upper hand. ThunderMan then creates a distraction while SearchMan charges his rifle. The latter fires, only to find out that he had only destroyed another of FridgeMan’s cyber ice decoys.

ThunderMan then creates a coil of lightning that redirects SearchMan’s shot to BrightMan, resulting in the Darkloid’s deletion. The other Darkloids then log out. Raika gives Raoul credit for helping with the multiple enemies, which he admits would have been difficult to fight alone.

Lan and Dr. Hikari are glad that the procedure for healing MegaMan was a success. The former then tells his son that he and MegaMan could soon try out a new PET that was being built.


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This episode was released on 12th volume of the anime in Japan on DVD.