Needle Cannon (ニードルキャノン Nīdoru Kyanon) is Needle Man's special weapon. It is a rapid fire weapon that fires needles that slightly alternate heights. The player can hold the button to use rapid fire. Up to three needles can be used at the same time.

Damage data chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 3.

Needlecannonicon.png Needle Cannon (NE)
Boss Damage
Needle Man 4
Magnet Man 1
Gemini Man 1
Hard Man 0
Top Man 1
Snake Man 4
Spark Man 2
Shadow Man 1
Doc Robot (Metal Man) 0
Doc Robot (Quick Man) 1
Doc Robot (Air Man) 1
Doc Robot (Crash Man) 2
Doc Robot (Flash Man) 4
Doc Robot (Bubble Man) 2
Doc Robot (Wood Man) 4
Doc Robot (Heat Man) 2
Break Man 0
Kamegoro Maker 1*
Yellow Devil MK-II 1
Holograph Mega Men 1
Wily Machine No. 3: 1st Phase 0
Wily Machine No. 3: 2nd Phase 1
Gamma: 1st Phase 0
Gamma: 2nd Phase 0
  • For Kamegoro Maker, a certain amount of damage will be taken from the health meter for each of the five Kamegoros produced, regardless of which weapon the player uses against them. Each Kamegoro has 3 health.


Four shots of the Needle Cannon use one weapon energy unit in Mega Man 3 and Mega Man II. With a full weapon energy gauge, it can be used 112 times in Mega Man 3 and 76 times in Mega Man II.

Bosses weak against Needle Cannon

Bosses immune to Needle Cannon

Other appearances

Mega Man Archie Comics

Mega Man copied the ability from Needle Man after the latter attempted to ambush him, Rush, and Guts Man. Mega Man later used the attack to pin Snake Man to the wall when he ambushed the party, presumably also knocking Ra Moon's programming out of him temporarily.

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