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Neige (ネージュ Nēju) is a human reporter that plays an important role in Mega Man Zero 4. She had previous relations to Craft, and he later kidnaps her during the attack on the Human Settlement by Dr. Weil's forces.


She admires Craft, a Reploid she once interviewed during her journalist days. Even though she may have feelings for Craft, she doesn't display qualms about Zero defeating him, and is instead grateful that Craft was eventually stopped.


Before Mega Man Zero 4

Neige was a reporter for Neo Arcadia and met Craft while researching a story.

After Weil took power, those opposing Weil were disposed of one by one, human or Reploid. Neige left Neo Arcadia to lead a human Caravan away from Weil's oppression.

Mega Man Zero 4

She first appears in the Caravan trucks trying to reach Area Zero. Weil's forces are catching up to them when Zero arrives and defeats them. She talks to Zero afterward, expressing interest but is still wary.

She later confronts Craft after he attacks Area Zero where she reveals her relationship with him. He kidnaps her to protect her and brings her to a Prison area. Zero goes there to rescue her with the support of the Caravan. She reminds Craft of what he used to fight for before leaving.

Later, Neige provides the Resistance with coordinates to the Teleporter Base, as part of the plan to infiltrate Ragnarok. In the ending, she is amongst those who watch as Ragnarok falls from the sky, wondering if Zero could have possibly survived the crash.

Other Media

Archie Comics

Neige makes a non-canon cameo in Issue 1 of the Archie Comics Mega Man series as part of a crowd of reporters. The actual Neige would then appear in a vision experienced by Dr. Light in Issue 55.

Rockman Zero (manga)

Neige appears in the manga as a reporter investigating the Dark Elf.



  • Her name is French for "snow".
  • Neige is the narrator of the prologue of the Japanese version of Mega Man Zero 4, informing the player of the events that happened up to the start of the game, and showing a perspective on the humans' opinion of the Reploids.
    • In Neige's narration, she refers to the first Maverick, Elf, and second Maverick Wars collectively as the "War of the Machines".[1]


  1. Neige: "Thus the war of the machines began and the humans just watched..." - From Zero 4's introduction sequence.