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For his video game counterpart, see Fyrefox.

Nenji Rokushakudama is a character in Rockman.EXE Stream and Beast. He is a pyrotechnician at a fireworks factory. He was the operator of Nenjiro.EXE, who deleted himself to stop an out of control fireworks launcher. He later gets custody of Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE, who shares his passion of explosions. Despite the two getting into heated arguments often, they share a strong bond.


Rockman.EXE Stream

Nenji gains control of Asteroid NapalmMan after his original NetNavi, Nenjiro, was deleted in a fireworks-related accident. He discovers an injured NapalmMan hiding in his PET, who he slowly nurses back to health and protects him from a criminal who wants to use him for crime. Out of gratitude, NapalmMan becomes Fyrefox's Navi and they later gain the ability to use Cross Fusion. Fyrefox calls NapalmMan, Nenjiro, in honor of his old Navi. He later joins the Cross Fusion Members, and helps battle against Duo and the Asteroid Navis.

He appears in episode 37.

He appears in episode 45.

He appears in episode 46.

He appears in episode 47, protecting Mariko with Dingo and Gorou Misaki.

He appears in episode 48.

Rockman.EXE Beast

He appears in episode 23.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

He appears in the final 26th episode where he is changed into cache data.


  • In Mega Man Battle Network 5, Fyrefox is a brash, irresponsible man who attempts to steal the booster system of an ocean cruise ship to make a spectacular firework, and challenges Lan Hikari to get it back. In the anime, he is the opposite, and is a kindhearted, responsible, and down-to-earth person who willing helps Asteroid NapalmMan even after finding out who he was.
  • Nenji ironically calls Zoano NapalMan.EXE “fake Nenjiro”, when his Navi, Asteroid NapalmMan, is himself a copy of the original Earth Navi.

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