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Neo Arcadia Core

First boss rush room in Neo Arcadia Core.

Neo Arcadia Core, also known as Area X (エリアX) and Neo Arcadia Headquarters (ネオ・アルカディアの本部), is the final stage in the game Mega Man Zero. It is Neo Arcadia's headquarters.


The central command center of Neo Arcadia, located on a stationary satellite at an altitude of 3600km in the air. It governs all of Neo Arcadia's unmanned space stations.


This entire stage is comprised of a gauntlet of enemies as well as the iconic boss rush against the eight bosses, which is surprisingly, split into two rooms. The first part of the stage is a short segment consisting of a mass of Pantheons, leading to the first boss rush againt four Mutos Reploids.

The second part has an array of Pantheon Warriors and Seal Cannons, as well as a secret area with a large Life Energy and a 1-UP, which then leads to a shortcut to the second boss rush with the Four Guardians.

The final area is clustered with Gabyoalls, more Pantheons and a few other enemies. Proceeding through the boss door, the remaining Guardians and the showdown with Copy X awaits.

Stage enemies

Neo Arcadia Core 2

Second boss rush room in Neo Arcadia Core.

First Segment:

Second Segment:

Final Segment:


Mega Man Zero - Neo Arcadia Core

Mega Man Zero - Neo Arcadia Core

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  • The bosses Aztec Falcon and Hanumachine are absent from the boss rush for unknown reasons. It is possible that the reason for this is because it would increase the total number of bosses fought, which would be above the usual eight in most Mega Man games.

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