Neon Tiger, known as Shining Tigerd (シャイニング・タイガード) in Japan, is a Maverick from Mega Man X3. He lives in a forest stage. Originally, he was a poacher hunter, designed to ensure no one attempted to steal and/or harm the wildlife, but became a maverick when infected by the Maverick Virus. He has the Ray Splasher, which he shoots from his tail, and has claws that both slash and can block shots. Use regular shots, since he'll just block charged ones. But for an easier victory, use Spinning Blade, which will trap him in a pattern.

In Mega Man Xtreme 2, Neon Tiger doesn't have any obvious weakness, so just use the regular X-Buster. Try using the Tornado Fang if you have it.


Mega Man X3 stats:

  • Power: 3600rp
  • Speed: 9900rp

Stage enemies

Enemies in Neon Tiger's stage from Mega Man X3:

Enemies in Neon Tiger's stage from Mega Man Xtreme 2:


The music playing in during Neon Tiger's stage in X3 seems to be a homage to the 'Guns N' Roses' song 'My Michelle', this is mostly likely intentional seeing as X5 has many more obvious references to the band.


Shining Tigerd L from Mega Mission 2

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