The Internet City (インターネットシティ Intānetto Shiti), NetCity (ネットシティ Netto Shiti) for short, is a cybernetic city from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, including its sequels Axess, Stream, Beast, and Beast+. The city was introduced in episode 32 when Maylu and Roll shows it to Lan and MegaMan. NetNavis can interact in the city, do tasks for their operators, and NetBattle in its Colosseum. Except for Colosseum, Battle Chips are forbidden to be used in the city, unless the NetNavi has permission to use them.


Many of the crises that are caused in the shows happen in NetCity. Luckily, MegaMan and his friends are always on the scene to save the day time and time again. Right after its introduction, it is attacked by the criminal organization Grave in episode 33. Grave created a virus factory below the city and infested the city with them, the Cloudy viruses cutting normal access to the city. MegaMan and his friends needed to jack in from Higsby's shop to access the city, and MegaMan fought against ShadowMan in the virus factory, managing to defeat him by gaining permission to use Battle Chips from SharkMan and using Higsby's powerful rare chips.

One of the major events that ever happened to NetCity was in MegaMan NT Warrior episodes 48-51, when it is attacked by the Grave beast and absorbs several NetNavis. After Bug Style MegaMan defeated the Grave beast, he infects the whole NetCity mainframe with bugs and starts to absorb it. Lan then sends himself as data into NetCity to try and stop MegaMan. Unfortunately, Lan is too late and the entire network is absorbed. Everything is just a bright light, and hope seems lost for the recovery of NetCity, MegaMan, and Lan. Then, in an entirely unexpected scenario, the network is rebuilt by MegaMan, refreshed and operating at better capacity and speeds then ever before, prompting the belief that all bugs were wiped out by MegaMan absorbing them into himself. Lan and MegaMan.EXE are reunited, and NetCity returns to peace. However, several more problems follow, such as the Darkloids and the Cyber Beasts.