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NetFrica 2

NetFrica (アッフリク Affuriku, roughly "Affrique" in Japan), is a country from the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series based on the real-life Africa. People live in huts made from straw and mud. One of their customs is a search for a water god statue on the internet. Whoever discovers it would be a champion. Due to the hot climate and water shortage, natives also worship a "water god" which is actually a water purifying system.


Mega Man Battle Network 4

Lan Hikari goes to a small village in NetFrika during the Red Sun/Blue Moon Tournament, either by invitation from a local boy named Paulie or by suggestion of Mr. Famous. Paulie invites Lan to participate in the WaterGod Quest. Mr. Famous was traveling the world to train and teach people how to NetBattle, and while in NetFrica he ended up becoming the country's representative in the tournament, suggesting Lan to go see KendoMan in the village before their match.

Mega Man Star Force 3

While not seen in the Mega Man Star Force series, the country was mentioned in a cutscene after the defeat of Spade Magnes. In the WAZA headquarters from Electopia, a scientist reports that the headquarters from Netopia, Sharo, and NetFrica were destroyed by Meteor G.

Cyber World

NetFrica Area

NetFrica Area is an internet area whose hack-in port is in the mouth from the statue of the village guardian god Nupopo. Nupopo represents the link between life and nature.

Water God Computer

Water God Computer (WtrGodComp) is the cyberworld from the Water God statue, which contains the River Management System. The area is a labyrinth, and the remains of many abandoned and lost NetNavis are within it, their vengeful spirits (residual memory) becoming viruses.


  • NetFrica is a portmanteau of Net and Africa.

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