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A Normal NetNavi

NetNavis (ネットナビ Nettonabi), or Navi (ナビ Nabi) (derived from the term "Internet Navigator"), also known as Network Navigator [1][2] (ネットワークナビゲーター Nettowāku Nabigētā) are a key concept in the Mega Man Battle Network series of video games as well as the MegaMan NT Warrior anime and manga. They also appear in the Mega Man Star Force series, 200 years in the future of Mega Man Battle Network, where their roles in society have been drastically cut down, acting more as utility workers in favor of EM Waves.

In the anime as shown in Rockman EXE Stream 20 years in the past people referred to NetNavis as Network Navigators, their full term, and regarded them as little more than tools.


NetNavi Concepts 2

Concept art of minor NetNavi characters.

A NetNavi is a sentient, or semi-sentient, computer program with artificial intelligence, designated by the extension ".EXE"; most have humanoid appearances or shapes. They are designed to be an assistant for their operator and reside in his or her PErsonal Terminal, abbreviated as "PET". Specifically, the PET is a multipurpose device that is capable of acting in numerous functions, such as sending and receiving e-mail, acting as an alarm clock and calendar, and acting as a cell phone. Each of these functions is controlled by the NetNavi that resides within the PET under normal circumstances. A PET is, however, also capable of connecting to computerized devices, referred to as "Jacking In" (Plug-in), in which case the NetNavi is transferred to that device and may roam around it, affecting programs contained in that device as required, and moving through that device to any other devices connected to it, such as moving from a specific computer to the larger Internet. In addition, NetNavis may function as anti-virus software, directly combating the offending programs in an activity called "Virus Busting". Two Navis can also battle one another in NetBattles.

When NetNavis are defeated in these battles, they are usually logged out to avoid permanent damage, though if they're not logged out fast enough, or if they suffer a fatal blow, they will get deleted. For example, MegaMan was deleted after getting hit by PharaohMan's piercing laser in MegaMan NT Warrior and when he overloaded to Jack Out Lan's conciousness from within Alpha in Mega Man Battle Network 3 , eventually getting left behind to be absorbed by the beast and remain outside his PET till returned after the events of the game.

NetNavis are given a unique personality that often reflects upon their operator's personality and usually develops a strong friendship with their operators. NetNavis can also be used as assistants in their operator's occupation. Malicious users may use their Navi to hack into secure computer networks and commit crimes. Though these NetNavis are not technically viruses, they are treated as such. Functionally, these NetNavis are analogous to the Robot Masters of the original Mega Man series. Indeed, many of the NetNavis in the Battle Network series are similar in name, appearance, and concept to their corresponding classic Robot Masters, although not all Navis have a Robot Master equivalent, or vice-versa. There have been a few NetNavis based on characters from other Mega Man series as well, such as Colonel, Iris and Zero from the Mega Man X series and Glyde from the Mega Man Legends series. With the sole exception of Ring.EXE, all Navis based on existing characters retains the full name.

As they are digital, details such as hair and fabric are not like the ones from the real world. For example, ProtoMan's hair is a big clump without individual strands, and ShadowMan's clothes do not wrinkle. There are only a few exceptions to this, like the cloak from Bass.[3]

NetNavis have the ability to download Battle Chips for use in battle against viruses or each other. Certain NetNavis have elemental stereotypes that define their fighting styles and techniques.

After powerful Navis are deleted, they leave behind junk data that resembles a ghost and gets carried off somewhere in the Net, as seen when certain areas, a stronger version of previously defeated Navis can be encountered as an apparition and fought.[4] Also, in a request from Mega Man Battle Network 6 one must find the data of a certain Navi belonging to a certain old woman (who is actually someone who died a long time ago).


List of known NetNavis[]

The Mega Man Battle Network series revolves around several main NetNavis that act as protagonists, as well as a group of NetNavi villains. All of them debuted in the first game, and everyone appear in all main Battle Network games.

MegaMan MegaMan / Rockman (ロックマン Rokkuman) – Operated by Lan Hikari (Netto Hikari), MegaMan is the main Navi of the series. Originally Lan's twin brother Hub (Saito), he died at a young age due to a rare disease known as "HBD", but his personality was saved by their father, who was at the time working on a project to combine NetNavi programming with human DNA. This information was long withheld from Lan until MegaMan was fatally wounded by MagicMan in the first game. Subsequently, in order to save MegaMan, Lan installed a Hub.BAT file that brought the former’s programming into complete sync with Lan’s DNA (it had previously deviated by a tiny percentage to protect the two). Lan has been known to call him either "Hub" or "MegaMan" from this point on.
Roll Roll (ロール Rōru) - Operated by Mayl Sakurai (Meiru Sakurai), Roll is the series' main female Navi, and serves as MegaMan's love interest. While not as experienced in battle as MegaMan, Roll is often able to hold her own, and proves to be a valuable ally throughout the series.
Gutsman GutsMan (ガッツマン Gattsuman) - Operated by Dex Oyama (Dekao Oyama), GutsMan is a large and strong Navi who believes that he and his operator are the greatest NetBattlers (they're unable to prove it, though). Despite this, they prove to be strong enough to assist Lan and MegaMan.
Glide Glide / Glyde[5][6] (グライド Guraido) - Operated by Yai Ayanokoji (Yaito Ayanokoji), Glide is a cyber-butler armed with rare and powerful chips to help defend himself.
ProtoMan ProtoMan / Blues (ブルース Burūsu) - Operated by Eugene Chaud (Enzan Ijuin), he and his operator are Official NetBattlers. They are considered to be MegaMan's and Lan's rivals, often working towards the same general goal but in substantially different manners.
Bass Bass / Forte (フォルテ Forute) - Intended to be the first fully autonomous NetNavi, fully independent of an operator, Bass was falsely blamed for causing massive problems in Alpha, the original Internet, and was nearly killed by the SciLab Elite Corps. Because of this, Bass has hated humankind ever since. At one point, the leader of the criminal organization Gospel attempted to make an army of Bass copies, eventually leading to the accidental creation of a Multibug Organism known as Gospel.

Other NetNavis[]

Below is a list of NetNavis organized by their game debut.

Common Navis[]

NormalNavi MNormalNavi F NormalNavi (ノーマルナビ NōmaruNabi) - Generic NPC Navis with a humanoid robot's appearance. Early in the series, there was only one design of normal Navis, with 2 colors. Male varieties are green and yellow while female varieties are red and pink. Some of them vary mildly in colors and appearance details, unlike custom Navis, who are far more varied in appearance and ability. In the anime, ProtoMan once refered to them as "general-purpose Navis". In Battle Chip Challenge, there are variants with elemental properties as well.
Guy NaviGirl Navi Starting in Battle Network 2, some generic NPC Navis are characterized by their possession of a human-like face and distinctive gender identity. Male varieties are most commonly purple while female varieties are most commonly yellow, though both exist in different colors (like blue and red) and shapes.
Official NaviZako Navi Also debuting in Battle Network 2, but not identified as GuardNavis until the Queen Bohemia scenario in Battle Network 5, these are Generic NPC Navis that are orange and grey and typically used as NetPolice officers and other positions of authority (such as Official Center Navis and tournament officials). Other designs possess a visor that makes this style of Navi look a little like Robocop.
The Original HeelNaviHeelNaviPunkNavi

HeelNavi (ヒールナビ Hīru Nabi) - Generic NPC Navis. Most of them are seen as vandals or even villains, but it's possible to find a few good HeelNavis in games. They are also mistakenly called "HealNavis", as heel and heal are homophones. They are also known as "Punk" Navis. They first appeared in Mega Man Battle Network, being a purple/black recolor of the Normal Navis with angry eyes. Starting with Battle Network 3, they were redesigned, were all Purple and had 'disc' shaped heads. Later series made stronger ones black. They received another design change in Battle Network 6, looking somewhat like SkullMan. Normal ones are black, while stronger ones are Red (it's suggested that HeelNavis working for Wily are Black, while -real- HeelNavis, who have a sense of authority are Red.)

A Mysterious Cloaked Navi In Battle Network 3, mysterious cloaked navis appeared, several serving under Serenade.exe as members of the Undernet Numbers, though not all of these cloaked navis were members.

Mega Man Battle Network[]

BombMan BombMan / BomberMan (ボンバーマン Bonbāman) - Created by Dr. Wily, BombMan is an autonomous Navi and guardian of the WWW server. He is not very intelligent, as he often uses Internet shorthand (e.g. "Who R U?") when speaking (in the English game). He was deleted when he self-destructed in order to prevent MegaMan from reaching the WWW Server. He was renamed BlasterMan in the English anime.
ColorMan ColorMan / ColoredMan (カラードマン Karādoman) - Operated by Ms. Madd (Madoi Iroaya), ColorMan is one of WWW's Navis and attacks the city's traffic guidance system, changing all of the traffic lights from red to green and causing accidents. He is aided by two clown totems, and rides around on a Homing Ball. MegaMan first met him in IceMan's level where he seemed to be a peaceful Navi, but soon shows his true identity. He was renamed WackoMan in the English anime.
ElecMan ElecMan (エレキマン Erekiman) - Operated by Jack Zap/Count Zap (Jack Elecitel/Count Elec), ElecMan is one of WWW's Navis and attacks the city's power plant. He can control and generate electricity. He appears in Battle Network 6 under the control of Count Zap's wife, Ann.
FireMan FireMan (ファイアマン Faiaman) - Operated by Mr. Match (Kenichi Hino/Hinoken), FireMan is one of WWW's Navis who was witness to its downfall at the hands of MegaMan. With his operator, he was responsible for computerized ovens attacking their owners. He reappears later on, and turns good after being double-crossed by fellow WWW expatriates. He was renamed TorchMan in the English anime.
IceMan IceMan (アイスマン Aisuman) - Operated by Dr. Froid (Seiji Hikawa) in the games and by his son, Tory (Toru Hikawa), in the anime. Both IceMan and Dr. Froid were forced to work for the WWW to freeze the water supply of the town and then pollute it, when Froid's son was kidnapped (the reverse is true in the anime). In the anime, a distinguishing feature of IceMan that is brought up frequently later in the series is a birthmark on his rear end. He follows his operators orders quite well.
MagicMan MagicMan (マジックマン Majikkuman) - Operated by Yahoot (Maha Jarama), MagicMan is one of WWW's Navis. Originally he was to be called WizardMan.
NumberMan NumberMan (ナンバーマン Nanbāman) - Operated by Higsby (Yamitaro Higure), NumberMan was originally a Navi in the criminal organization known as WWW, but, like his operator, turned over a new leaf due to MegaMan and Lan's influence. Afterwards, he is effectively the mascot for Higsby's, a Battle Chip shop. He later joins Team Colonel in order to gain self-confidence.
PharaohMan PharaohMan (ファラオマン Faraoman) - A Navi created by Dr. Wily and assigned to protect the WWW's most hidden secrets from invaders. In the anime, he is the "Ultimate NetNavi" created by Tadashi Hikari.
ShadowMan ShadowMan (シャドーマン Shadōman) - Operated by the mercenary, Dusk/Mr. Dark, ShadowMan has been hired for missions by the WWW, the Professor, Nebula (anime only), and Gospel, with each of those assignments leading him into confrontations with MegaMan. In Battle Network 5, he takes on a job working for Team Colonel when Nebula attacks the Internet.
SharkMan SharkMan (シャークマン Shākuman) - Operated by Masa, SharkMan is an aquatic Navi who can swim through netspace as if it were water.
SkullMan SkullMan (スカルマン Sukaruman) - Operated by Miyu (Miyuki Kuroi), SkullMan is a Navi with the ability to break apart his body and attack in separate pieces.
StoneMan StoneMan (ストーンマン Sutōnman) - Created by Dr. Wily, StoneMan is an autonomous Navi that works for the WWW and shuts down the city's subway system.
WoodMan WoodMan (ウッドマン Uddoman) - Operated by Sal (Saroma), WoodMan is a Navi that has participated in the Eagle Tournament and was tricked into attacking Cielo Castillo's network in an attempt to make people see "nature's wrath."

Mega Man Battle Network 2[]

AirMan AirMan (エアーマン Eāman) - Operated by Arashi Kazefuki, AirMan can form whirlwinds and merge them into one big tornado. He attacks the ventilation system in Yai's house, resulting in a buildup of dangerous gas.
CookMan CookMan (クックマン Kukkuman) is the King of YumLand's NetNavi.
CutMan CutMan (カットマン Kattoman) - Second-in-command of the mercenary group that ShadowMan leads, CutMan idolizes ShadowMan and does his best to live up to his idol's expectations. In the anime, he has a group of five siblings, the CutMan Brothers, that constantly plot revenge for his demise. He is the only one of the original 6 Robot Masters whose Navi counterpart did not appear in the first game.
FreezeMan FreezeMan (フリーズマン Furīzuman) - The top Navi of Gospel. Originally operated by Sean Obihiro, FreezeMan locks up the environmental control systems around the cyberworld, resulting in earthquakes, floods, and heat waves worldwide. He can encase himself in ice for protection.
GateMan GateMan (ゲートマン Gētoman) - Operated by Mr. Famous (Meijin), GateMan is a Navi with various weapons hidden in the panel at his chest. He was the first contest-winning Navi design.
HeatMan HeatMan (ヒートマン Hītoman) - Mr. Match's second Navi. He can enclose himself in a lighter for defense. He appears again in Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar as an ally and MegaMan's first Link Navi partner.
KnightMan KnightMan (ナイトマン Naitoman) - Operated by Princess Pride, KnightMan originally worked for Gospel, attacking a conference on the organization's activities, but like his operator, changes his ways by joining Team Colonel at MegaMan's request.
MagnetMan MagnetMan (マグネットマン Magunettoman) - Operated first by Gauss Magnus (Gauss Magnets), then by his daughter, Tesla Magnus (Tesla Magnets), MagnetMan was a former Gospel Navi who committed an act of airborne terrorism at Gauss' request. He hijacks a plane still in flight and wants to decimate the passengers. He later joined forces with Team ProtoMan.
NapalmMan NapalmMan (ナパームマン Napāmuman) - A military-grade Navi and guardian of the hidden WWW server after he was stolen from the Electopian military by the WWW. Later comes under the control of a fireworks maker named Fyrefox (Nenji Rokushakudama) and becomes a member of Team Protoman. He was renamed MoltanicMan in the English anime.
PlanetMan PlanetMan (プラネットマン Puranettoman) - A mysterious Navi and temporary leader of the WWW whose origins are unknown.
QuickMan QuickMan (クイックマン Kuikkuman) - Operated by Speedy Dave (Daisuke Hayami), QuickMan is an incredibly fast Navi who was sent to destroy the Okuden Dam with explosives.
SnakeMan SnakeMan (スネークマン Sunēkuman) - Operated by Ms. Millions (Millionaire), SnakeMan can hide in his jar for protection.
ThunderMan ThunderMan (サンダーマン Sandāman) - Operated by Raoul (Raul), ThunderMan is a Navi that can surround his enemies with clouds to hamper their movements. He reappears again in Battle Network 4: Red Sun as a competitor in the Red Sun Tournament.
ToadMan ToadMan (トードマン Tōdoman) - Operated by Ribitta (Kero Midorikawa), ToadMan can launch song notes that paralyze opponents. Ribitta and ToadMan later join Team Colonel for reporting purposes.

Mega Man Battle Network 3[]

BeastMan BeastMan (ビーストマン Bīsutoman) - Operated by Takeo Inukai, BeastMan is an animalistic Navi working for the WWW. He invades the zoo systems, causing animals to go berserk through chips implanted in their bodies. He makes a second appearance later in the game as the 8th ranked Navi. He was renamed SavageMan in the English anime.
BowlMan BowlMan (ボウルマン Bouruman) - A Navi from the Undernet ranked #2. He's made up of bowling balls and pins, and even "bowls" straight at MegaMan. He is exclusive to the Blue/Black version of Mega Man Battle Network 3.
BubbleMan BubbleMan (バブルマン Baburuman) - A Navi working for the WWW that was created by Dr. Wily who is DrillMan's cousin. He assaults people with exploding bubbles from dishwashers built by the organization. BubbleMan is a coward, and retreats several times when encountered. In the anime, he is ShadeMan's most trusted ally, who frequently races back and forth between being a villain and Navi of neutral alignment.
CopyMan CopyMan (コピーマン Kopīman) - A Navi from Undernet ranked #3 with the ability to adopt the forms of other Navis. He takes on the appearance of GutsMan, and mimics his moves and abilities. His true form is unknown. It is unknown if NoodleMan in the anime has been based on CopyMan, because not only does he have the ability to transform, but, like CopyMan, took the form of GutsMan, adopting the name "NuggetsMan" (Kutsman).
DarkMan DarkMan (ダークマン Dākuman) - An assassin Navi seeking to fight Serenade, but must first delete ten-thousand NetNavis. He guards the Undernet Secret Server with JapanMan, and can change his alignment between Fire, Elec, and Aqua elements.
DesertMan DesertMan (デザートマン Dezātoman) - Operated by Noboru Sunayama, DesertMan is a Navi that moves around in sand. Disguised as a generic Navi, he attempts to abduct ProtoMan in battle.
DrillMan DrillMan (ドリルマン Doriruman) - BubbleMan's cousin created by Dr. Wily who possesses the ability to dig underground and attack his enemies. DrillMan steals the computer system Alpha (Proto) from SciLab, and creates a wormhole leading into the Undernet.
FlameMan FlameMan (フレイムマン Fureimuman) - Mr. Match's third Navi, FlameMan sabotages the SciLab heating system, overheating the building. He augments his abilities with candles. In the manga, he is depicted as a transformation of FireMan through the use of Dark Power.
FlashMan FlashMan (フラッシュマン Furasshuman) - Operated by Rei Saiko, FlashMan steals a passcode for Alpha from Lan's school, and hypnotizes his friends when they interfere.
JapanMan JapanMan / YamatoMan (ヤマトマン Yamatoman) - Serenade's bodyguard created by a SciLab team, JapanMan is extremely adept with his spear, able to project it over a wide area. He can also conquer the enemy area with tiny soldiers. He guards the Undernet Secret Server along with DarkMan.
KingMan KingMan (キングマン Kinguman) - Operated by Tora (Torakichi Aragoma), KingMan is a chess-themed Navi that can attack with chess pieces. He is one of the competitors in the N1 Grand Prix.
MetalMan MetalMan (メタルマン Metaruman) - Operated by Tamako Shiraizumi, MetalMan is a heavily armored Navi. He was renamed HeavyMetalMan.EXE in the English anime. He makes a second appearance in Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon as a participant in the Hawk tournament.
MistMan MistMan (ミストマン Misutoman) - A genie Navi in a magic lamp from the Undernet ranked #2. The player may want to hit the lamp as MistMan is made up of mist (hence his name) and cannot be attacked normally. Only seen in White/original version of Mega Man Battle Network 3, except for his Omega version.
PlantMan PlantMan (プラントマン Purantoman) - Operated by Anetta, PlantMan steals a passcode for Alpha from a hospital, temporarily shutting down the systems and risking the life of one of Lan's friends, Mamoru. He was renamed VineMan in the English anime.
BN5NoimageMug Punk (パンク Panku) - Mr. Famous' second, highly customized Navi. He is the only one of Mr. Famous' Navis in all six games who was not designed by a fan. In combat, he invades the opponents area to strike and constantly moves around, making him incredibly tough.
Serenade Serenade (セレナード Serenādo) - The ruler of the Undernet, and one of the few Navis to defeat Bass, Serenade was created by Dr. Urakawa. Extremely ambiguous in terms of gender, the subject is constantly debated among fans. They were referred to as a male in the American version of the game, and a female in the Japanese version of the manga, and even as both male and female in the English manga, but was confirmed by one of the game designers to be a sort of divine, perfect being that transcends gender.

Mega Man Battle Network 4[]

AquaMan AquaMan (アクアマン Akuaman) - Operated by Shuko Kido, AquaMan is a childlike Navi capable of flooding cyberspace when he cries. He was renamed SpoutMan in the English anime and Mega Man Battle Network 6.
BurnerMan BurnerMan (バーナーマン Bānāman) - Operated by Atsuki Homura, BurnerMan engages in a constant feud with FireMan, similar to their operators.
ColdMan ColdMan (コールドマン Kōrudoman) - Operated by Ivan Chillski (Ivan Korisky), ColdMan hacks Sharo's weather control systems to cause a blizzard. He was renamed FridgeMan in the English anime.
Dark MegaMan Dark MegaMan (ダークロックマン Dāku Rokkuman, Dark Rockman) / MegaMan DS (Rockman DS) - The darkness within MegaMan released in physical form. He has full access to the powers of the Dark Chips. In the manga, he was a cannibalistic Navi that worked alongside LaserMan to absorb Bass. In the anime, he was created by Dr. Regal after MegaMan was infused with dark energy from a bite to the neck by ShadeMan. In addition to his Dark Chip arsenal, he could also predict Lan and MegaMan's battle patterns. He infiltrated Duo's comet, only to be impaled through the chest by Slur's sword. In an act of redemption, he sacrificed himself in an attempt to delete her, but was unsuccessful.
JunkMan JunkMan (ジャンクマン Jankuman) - A Navi born from junk data, he was renamed JunkDataMan in the English anime. One of the competitors in the Blue Moon Tournament, he is a lonely Navi without an operator.
KendoMan KendoMan (ケンドーマン Kendōman) - Mr. Famous' third Navi, and a master of kendo. He was the winning design in the second contest.
LaserMan LaserMan (レーザーマン Rēzāman) - Operated by Dr. Regal, LaserMan is effectively the Navi in charge of Nebula, who was deleted at the hands of MegaMan in his attempt to control the asteroid that contained Duo.
SearchMan SearchMan (サーチマン Sāchiman) - Operated by Raika, SearchMan is a soldier Navi armed with a Scope Gun in his right arm and the ability of camouflage. He joins Team ProtoMan at ProtoMan's request.
ShadeMan ShadeMan (シェードマン Shēdoman) - Created by Dr. Regal, ShadeMan is a vampiric Darkloid who frequently antagonizes MegaMan as well as (in a crossover with the Boktai series of video games) Django the Solar Boy. In the anime, he is the initial leader of the Darkloids, and is deleted by Cross Fusion LaserMan at the end of Axess, only to return in Stream through the Past Tunnel with the intent of transforming all Navis into Darkloids.
SparkMan SparkMan (スパークマン Supākuman) - Operated by Terry Jomon (Teruo Jomon), SparkMan can send electricity through his enemies with his prodlike arms.
TopMan TopMan (タップマン Tappuman) - Operated by Tensuke Takumi, TopMan is a somewhat senile Navi.
VideoMan VideoMan (ビデオマン Bideoman) - Operated by Viddy Narcy (Narcy Hide, real name Hidenosuke Yamashita), VideoMan is a Navi that can rewind to heal, and fast-forward to improve his speed. He attempts to force MegaMan to forfeit a battle by reversing his movements.
WindMan WindMan (ウインドマン Uindoman) - Operated by Lilly (Ran Igarashi), WindMan causes a windstorm in cyberspace when his operator accidentally becomes drunk. He was renamed WindblastMan in the English anime.

Mega Man Battle Network 5[]

BlizzardMan BlizzardMan (ブリザードマン Burizādoman) - Created by Dr. Regal, BlizzardMan is a skiing, snowman-like Darkloid who takes over the ACDC Area. He also has a tendency to say "Whoosh!" at least once when he speaks in the English game.
CloudMan CloudMan (クラウドマン Kuraudoman) - Created by Dr. Regal, CloudMan is a Darkloid with a resemblance to the Japanese thunder god Raiden.
Colonel Colonel (カーネル Kāneru) - Operated by Baryl (Barrel), Colonel is the head of an elite team of Navis who free the net from Nebula's influence. He appears again in BN6, as the leader of WWW, with his "good half" (taking the form of Iris) ripped out of him by Dr. Wily.
CosmoMan CosmoMan (コスモマン Kosumoman) - Created by Dr. Regal, CosmoMan is the strongest of the four Darkloids and acts as leader after the demise of LaserMan.
BN5NoimageMug GridMan / FootMan (フットマン Futtoman) - Mr. Famous' fourth and final Navi, modeled after a football player. Though he seems to swap positions at will, he can and will summon his "Team" to back him up.
GyroMan GyroMan (ジャイロマン Jairoman) - Operated by Charlie Airstar (Charlie Airster), GyroMan is a Navi that can transform into a helicopter. He joins Team ProtoMan at ProtoMan's request.
LarkMan LarkMan / SwallowMan (スワローマン Suwarōman) - An autonomous Navi from the Undernet who prides himself on being the "freest of all birds".
Meddy Meddy (メディ Medi) - A nurse Navi operated by Jasmine. After encountering MegaMan in the Undernet, Meddy joins Team ProtoMan. In the anime, she and Roll are rivals for MegaMan's affections.
Tomahawk TomahawkMan (トマホークマン Tomahōkuman) - Operated by Dingo, TomahawkMan is a Navi fashioned after a Native American warrior. Colonel convinces him to join Team Colonel. He fights using a tomahawk, and uses a totem pole to summon meteors, heal, and become invulnerable. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, he goes into battle with an eagle.

Mega Man Battle Network 6[]

BlastMan BlastMan (ブラストマン Burasutoman) - Operated by Joe Mach (Go Mahha) of WWW, BlastMan is a fire-wielding Navi. He was also operated briefly by Mick (Kojiro Aragaki).
ChargeMan ChargeMan (チャージマン Chājiman) - Operated by Al Ferry (Kunio Kurogane), ChargeMan is a Navi based on a train.
CircusMan CircusMan (サーカスマン Sākasuman) - Operated by Yuika (Chirol) of WWW, CircusMan is a clown-like Navi. Originally, he was named PierotMan by his designer.
DiveMan DiveMan (ダイブマン Daibuman) - Operated by Blackbeard (Captain Kurohige) of WWW, DiveMan is a Navi based on a submarine who ends all his sentences with "de a~ru" in the Japanese version and "Awooga" in the English version.
DustMan DustMan (ダストマン Dasutoman) - Operated by Mister Press, DustMan is a Navi based on a vacuum cleaner.
ElementMan ElementMan (エレメントマン Erementoman) - Operated by Vic (Tsuyuharu Nyudo) of WWW, ElementMan is a Navi capable of changing his battle element from Neutral to Wood, Fire, Elec, or Aqua. In the anime, he cannot say anything beyond "pikira."
EraseMan EraseMan / KillerMan (キラーマン Kirāman) - A demonic Navi that serves as a hitman belonging to Dark Scyth (Dark Kirisaki).
GroundMan GroundMan (グランドマン Gurandoman) - Operated by Moliarty (Dotarou Horisugi), GroundMan is a Navi based on a drill vehicle.
Iris Iris (アイリス Airisu) - Colonel's sister who was created from his kindness and weapons control program. After Baryl's father died, Colonel's emotion data was extracted by Dr. Wily and shaped into Iris, for use as a weapons control program. In both Battle Network 6 and the anime, she travels around the real world via modified CopyBot. In the latter, she was instead created by Tadashi Hikari of Beyondard, and has the ability to erect barriers and bypass firewalls without interference.
JudgeMan JudgeMan (ジャッジマン Jajjiman) - Operated by Prosecutor Ito (Satoru Roppou/Satoru Roppo) of WWW, JudgeMan is a Navi based on books. Originally, he was to be named BookMan by his designer.
SlashMan SlashMan (スラッシュマン Surasshuman) - Operated by Ms. Pat Fahran (Paxy Faran/Paxi Faran), SlashMan is a Navi fitted with long claws.
TenguMan TenguMan (テングマン) - Operated by Master Feng-Tian (Futenroushi/Huten Roshi), TenguMan is a legendary Navi based on a Tengu.

Mega Man Network Transmission[]

BrightMan BrightMan (ブライトマン Buraitoman) - Operated by an unknown character, BrightMan is capable of deflecting attacks. He has a habit of snapping his fingers and shouting his trademark line: "Check it out!"
GravityMan GravityMan (グラビティマン Gurabitiman) - Created by Professor, GravityMan is a gravity-controlling Navi. In the anime, he speaks with a robotic singular tone.
NeedleMan NeedleMan (ニードルマン Nīdoruman) - Operated by an unseen gardener at Yai's house, NeedleMan is a Navi who speaks the yakuza dialect in the Japanese version. In the anime, he is operated by Ms. Yuri (Yuriko Ozono), twin sister of Lan's teacher, Ms. Mari (Mariko Ozono). He was renamed SpikeMan in the English anime.
StarMan StarMan (スターマン Sutāman) - Employed by the Professor, StarMan is a Navi that might be small in size, but in actuality, is quite powerful. He was renamed NovaMan in the English anime.
SwordMan SwordMan (ソードマン Sōdoman) - Created by the Professor, SwordMan is a Navi with three heads, each one with a different personality.
Man Zero (ゼロ) - Created by Dr. Wily and resurrected for the plans of the Professor, Zero is actually a Navi-like virus whose viral form can cause Navis to freeze or run wild. After his defeat, his viral nature may be sealed by Dr. Hikari given the attainment of "Mystery Data". In the anime, he is manufactured by the Professor to oversee the resurrection of the Super Cybeast, Grezar, but gradually develops a will of his own.

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge[]

Ring Ring (リング Ringu) is operated by Mary Towa. Ring often argues with her operator.
TurboMan TurboMan (ターボマン Taaboman) is operated by Kai Todoroki. Just as his operator idolizes Lan, TurboMan idolizes MegaMan.

Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network[]

The following Navis appear in the mobile phone game Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network, as well as episodes 21-26 of Rockman EXE Beast+.

HatMan HatMan (ハットマン Hattoman) - Operated by Mr. Hat's son, Shuichi. HatMan is a born magician.
JammingMan doesn't have a mugshot JammingMan (ジャミングマン Jaminguman) - An insect-like Elec Navi equipped with antennae that allows it to emit pulse signals to disrupt communication systems. In the anime, JammingMan cuts off access to the cyberworld during the Phantom Navi incident from within the Ministry of Science. Its unique structural composition is the basis for the cache data duplicates of humans created by Cache in the final two episodes of the series.
Cache Cache (キャッシュ Kyasshu) - Cache is the final boss of Phantom of Network, a Navi-like entity born of the Cache Server. He has access to cache data, which allows him to create backup copies of Navis. In the anime, he is the source of the Phantom Navis, upon whom he bestows remnants of the Zero Virus to allow them to substantiate in the real world, and it is his intention that all existence be consumed into his growing body.

Rockman.EXE Legend of Network[]

RideMan RideMan (ライドマン Raidoman) - A cowboy-themed Navi that can rope his enemies to attack them at close range.

Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star[]

ClockMan ClockMan (クロックマン Kurokkuman) - A NetNavi that can travel in time.

Yamato Man


  • GreenMan - One of the competitors in the N1 Grand Prix who was easily defeated by GutsMan. Unnamed in the Japanese version.
  • LeagueMan (リーグマン Rīguman) - Operated by Kyuuta Hoshida, LeagueMan is a born baseball-playing Navi with an insanely powerful pitch.
  • PickMan (ツルハシマン Tsuruhashiman, also known as Turuhashader) - One of the Navis who was defeated in the N1 Grand Prix by StoneMan and BlasterMan. He was captured by Allegro for the little robot's amusement.
  • PrisMan / PrisMan (プリズマン Purizuman) - PrismMan is a police Navi operated by Gorou Misaki. He is often the test subject for Cross Fusion experiments, although he has never successfully Cross Fused without the use of a Dark Synchro Chip.
  • RocketMan / BreakMan (ブレイクマン Bureikuman) - One of the competitors in the N1 Grand Prix who was defeated by IceMan. He was again defeated by ProtoMan and ShiningMan in a tag team match with WhaleMan.
  • NoodleMan / SanukiMan (サヌキマン) - A Navi who can take on the appearance of other Navis and uses udon-like tentacles to tangle opponents. He takes the shape of GutsMan and goes under the pseudo-name NuggetsMan (Kutsman).
  • ShiningMan (シャイニングマン Shaininguman) - One of the competitors in the N1 Grand Prix. He was in a tag team match alongside ProtoMan, and was logged out along with both of their opponents with one attack. ShiningMan has a theme song in battle. He was captured by Allegro for the little robot's amusement, and is based on Rainbowman.
  • WhaleMan (ホエールマン Hoēruman) - One of the N1 Grand Prix Navis who was defeated by SharkMan and was later defeated again by ProtoMan and ShiningMan in a tag team match with RocketMan. He was captured by Allegro for the little robot's amusement. WhaleMan is the only anime-exclusive Navi that has a Zoanoroid counterpart.
  • Silk (シルク Shiruku) - A nurse Navi that was operated by Anetta. During a fire in a hospital, Silk tried to stop the system from malfunctioning. She was overwhelmed by a dark aura in the system, however, and was deleted when she impaled herself on ProtoMan's sword (in the English version, she remained in the system to keep the hospital doors open and was deleted, while ProtoMan watched and tried to convince her to escape).
  • "Gorgeous Man", "Plasma Man", "Skeleton Man", "Hyde-AJ", and "Energie Man" - Four NetNavis that are listed in the top ten ranking of the game in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode Allegro.

Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

  • Slur (スラー Surā) - A servant of Duo whose primary objective is to test mankind. She appears to humans and offers them Asteroids and Dimensional Chips, then watches the results of her actions to assess whether or not the world deserves to survive. Being an extraterrestrial Navi, she is extremely powerful, sending Forte to the UraNet at the beginning of Stream, and single-handedly defeating Rockman, Blues, SearchMan and Colonel nearing the end. She is ultimately deleted by Bass, who surprises her with the powers he absorbed from the remnants of Nebula Gray following the events of the movie.
  • ShineMan (シャインマン Shainman) - A NetNavi operated by Rei Saiko before he was upgraded into Asteroid FlashMan by Slur. ShineMan participated in the Navi Car Races.
  • Trill (トリル Toriru) - A child Navi created by Tadashi Hikari of Beyondard. Trill was discovered by BubbleMan after thawing from Colonel's Ice Seed. Being in an infant state, he would not stop crying until held by Rockman, but "grew up" and gained the ability to speak. Trill is known as the "Synchronizer," and is heavily sought after by the Cyber Beast armies and Dr. Wily of Beyondard for his special talents. It is Trill's power that allows Rockman to "Beast Out". In the final episode of the series, a cache data duplicate of Trill urges Netto and Rockman to gather their strengths and defeat Cache. He is able to store viruses inside his pockets to defend himself.
  • SherbetMan (シャーベットマン Shābettoman) - One of the ice Navis that was destroyed by Zoano StoneMan. He resembles a polar bear.
  • YetiMan (イエティマン Ietiman) - One of the ice Navis that was destroyed by Zoano StoneMan.

Yamato Man

Mega Man Star Force[]

See also: Navi Cards

In the Mega Man Star Force games, most Net Navis have been significantly downgraded from their original functions. Most generic Navis now seem to be autonomous (without need of an operator), and those with specialized functions and expertise (often for outright mundane things, such as air-conditioning) can be summoned through the use of their representative cards. Geo obtains a number of these cards over the course of the first game, though, strangely, Net Navis seem to disappear from the second game onward. Some Navis are unusable, such as the Delivery Navi (a Navi in the shape of a truck), which is seen mostly on EM Wave roads.

PropellerMan PropellerMan (プロペラマン Puroperaman) - Geo receives a PropellerMan card from Chase Winde. His area of expertise regards aeronautics - he can pilot anything from RC Choppers to robots designed to operate in Zero-G and is more than happy to offer advice on how to achieve flight.
PitcherMan PitcherMan/PitchMan (ピッチマン Picchiman) - Geo finds PitcherMan's card underneath a bench, where it had been "sealed" away by Joe Hawnt, a local boy who fears that it is cursed. An expert on all things baseball, one of his main uses is to operate Pitching Machines, though he can also be used in a baseball-themed arcade game. He maintains that he can only deal one pitch at a time, outright discouraging extended use.
KeyMan KeyMan/OpenMan (オープンマン Oopunman) - Geo takes KeyMan's card from an AMAKEN Employee's pocket when he needs to open the door leading outside of the SpaceSim (the employee in question was currently incapacitated). KeyMan's primary purpose to operate security system, often simply to unlock doors, though he requires the proper password to do so. As his main focus is security, it will often be his primary suggestion when his opinion is considered.
ThermoMan ThermoMan/AirconMan (エアコンマン Eakonman) - Geo receives ThermoMan's card from a maintenance man who worked at Nacy's Department Store in Time Square. ThermoMan's main purpose is to operate air-conditioning systems (his three main options are Heat, Cool, and Wind); depending on the power of the system, he may be able to significantly change the nature of an environment. His personal preference is for the temperature to be "just right", which reflects his emphasis on comfort.
ShovelMan ShovelMan (ショベルマン Shoberuman) - A NetNavi that belongs to the Dump Workers. It is summoned to control backhoes. Geo uses ShovelMan to clear the garbage blocking access to the remains of the Peace Space Station under Dream Island.
BN5NoimageMug TeacherMan - A Navi whose main purpose is simply to function as a teacher - they may tutor students, serve as aides to human teachers, or in certain cases, teach class themselves. For example, before he begins going to school, Geo studies under TeacherMan (it is unknown whether "TeacherMan" refers to either a single, specific NetNavi or a whole class of them), who sends reports of his progress back to the school. There seems to be a subspecies called MathTeacherMan, though this may be an error on the part of the game's English localization team.
BN5NoimageMug DriveMan (ドライブマン Doraibuman) - Another Navi unseen in the game, though referenced by multiple characters. DriveMan's purpose is apparently to operate automobiles and vehicles as an intelligent autopilot, perhaps if the driver in question is either incapacitated, unwilling, or simply not of legal age to drive themselves. Since Luna, Bud, and Zack are all not of legal age to drive, it is likely they are using a DriveMan Navi Card to do their routine patrols. Though it is unknown how or if DriveMan was affected by the hijack caused by Taurus Fire.