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Lan operating MegaMan.

A NetOp, known as Operator (オペレーター) in Japan, is a person in the Mega Man Battle Network series that acts as operator for a NetNavi by giving instructions and Battle Chips in a Net Battle, except in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, where the NetNavis fight on their own, with NetOps only having minimal participation. NetOps generally only have 1 NetNavi and some NetNavis don't have NetOps at all. Those NetNavis are called Solo NetNavis. NetNavis have been known to switch NetOp's or leave their NetOps in times of disagreement or conflict. NetOps often have their NetNavi's emblem as a design somewhere on their outfit.

Aside from the normal operating like giving orders and sending Battle Chip data, a NetOp who shares strong bonds with his/her Navi is able to perform a Full Synchro: a phenomenon where NetOp and NetNavi are united as one; eliminate any misinterpreted orders and operation problems, thus allowing the NetNavi to unleash its maximum potential. Bass.EXE is an exception, he is able to unleash 100% power without a NetOp.

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