The NetPolice (ネット警察 Netto Keisatsu) are the keepers of the law in the Mega Man Battle Network video game series as well as the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. Like all other law enforcement agencies, the NetPolice protect society from criminal activity and ensure the peace.

In the anime

In the anime, the Japanese NetPolice are headed by Commissioner Keifer and Superintendent Manuela, who recruit Lan Hikari and Chaud Blaze as “NetSavers”, specially deputized citizens who can cross fuse and tackle situations that normal police officers can’t. Keifer gives lan and Chaud their orders while Manuela often joins them in the field, and at times, with a Battle Chip Gate, will join them in battle, despite not being able to cross fuse. Gorou Misaki is a detective in the Japanese NetPolice, and him and his Navi PrismMan.EXE are shown to be a formidable force, though at one point they are corrupted by the power of Dark Chip. The NetPolice works hand-in-hand with the SciLab, where Dr. Hikari and Mr. Famous analyze a crisis for Keifer and Manuela and assess the magnitude of it.

In Sharo, Iriya is a NetPolice officer, and Raika is a NetSaver and a friend of Iriya’s.

In Netopia, Hunter is the only known NetPolice officer, who works with Chaud during his time there in Rockman.EXE Stream.

In the games


A NetPolice NetNavi in Mega Man Battle Network 6.


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