Rockman X DiVE Hunter Command Mission X

Command Mission X skin from Rockman X DiVE.

New Armor (新型アーマー) is an armor that was used by Mega Man X when he infiltrated Giga City to stop the Rebellion Army in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


It is a stockier armor than X's original. The most notable difference are the openings in the back, which, while X is moving, produce energy trails referred to in-game as a "scarf" ("Beam Muffler" in Japan). The scarf's color is red by default, but it can be replaced with different colors in the Sky Room. The colors available are red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.


Not much is known about this armor's properties, including if it is an actual armor upgrade being worn by X or an upgrade to his body that changed the appearance of his default blue armor (with his Hyper Modes being actual armors). The only ability known is that it allows X to equip the Booster Parts found in the Gimialla Mine, which increases dash power and allows X to break rocks with a dash. After finding the Booster Parts, Axl wanted to equip it, but Professor Gaudile told him to not do it as the parts can cause normal Reploids to go out of control, X being the only one in the team able to safely equip it due to his New Armor.[1]

Other appearances

This armor appeared as a skin for X in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Rockman X DiVE.



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