New Yellow Devil (新イエローデビル Shin Ierō Debiru) is the last boss from Super Adventure Rockman. It was created by the super computer Ra Moon by using the blueprints of the original Yellow Devil. The New Yellow Devil is more powerful than Ra Thor and can absorb all types of energy. In order to defeat it, Dr. Wily's robots give all their energy to Mega Man, which he uses to overload its systems and destroy Ra Moon with the Double Mega Buster.

Other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Ra Devil

The New Yellow Devil, named Ra Devil in the comic, appears in issue 32's climax. Like in the original game, Ra Moon managed to create Ra Devil and improve upon it via digital blueprints for the Yellow Devil stored in Wily's laptop. Due to both Ra Devil's invulnerability due to Ra Moon directly channeling its energy to Ra Devil, and due to Mega Man already having spent his Special Weapon energy fighting Ra Thor, Mega Man was forced to use the Double Mega Buster directly on Ra Moon (whose defenses were weakened trying to shield Ra Devil), knowing the action will very likely destroy him, in order to save the world from Ra Moon's machinations. As a result, Ra Devil stopped working, beginning to dissolve after Ra Moon's destruction.

The Ra Devil also appears in the Short Circuits for issue 55, along with a number of other Devil robots joining in a chorus of the one word they're capable of saying "bumo".


  • Despite its name, it is mostly black, sharing the same color scheme with Ra Moon and Ra Thor.
  • New Yellow Devil is also known as "Ra Devil" by fans, due to the naming scheme of Ra Thor. This name is later used in the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics.
  • Even though this is most likely a coincidence, the New Yellow Devil bears a striking resemblance to the Shadow Devil.
  • In Issue 36, he is misnamed as Ra Thor.
  • In the commentary for Issue 36 on the Mega Man Network, the author made a reference to the ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day by claiming that Ra Devil managed to give a thumbs up while dissolving off-screen.